Serum Bundle Pack
Full Spectrum Serum

Serum Bundle

1:1 + Indica

Balanced relaxation, calmness, euphoria, and tranquility.
Our RSO Full Spectrum Oil is a 1:1 CBD:THC Ratio that is considered highly effective for pain relief and a multitude of other conditions with minimal impairment.

Delivers an overall sense of relaxation and contentment.

Per Bottle: 1000mg CBD:THC
Per Dropper: N/A

Per bottle: 1000mg THC
Per dropper: N/A

Available size
Fast Acting Fast Acting
Fast Acting
Long Lasting Long Lasting
Long Lasting
Solvent Free Solvent Free
Solvent Free
Pesticide Free Pesticide Free
Pesticide Free
  • How to use
  • The Difference
  • Directions: Start low and go slow. Begin with a 1/8th inch sized portion (half a grain of rice). Wait 90 minutes before increasing. If oil is too thick, warm the syringe with body heat or run it under warm tap water to decrease viscosity. Unscrew bottom half of plastic cap and dispense directly.

  • Green Revolution’s Full Synergy Serum capture the full spectrum of alkaloids, cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other adaptogenic compounds in cannabis to give you the whole plant advantage with complete purity.

    630-700mg total cannabinoids

    Our ‘Terpenes, Love, Cannabinoids’ (TLC) standardization protocol utilizes multi-phase CO2 and organic cane alcohol extraction methods for unparalleled consistency, efficacy, and purity.

    Zero Additives

    Heat & Fracture Resistant Graduated Glass Syringe

    Made in a WSDA & Clean Green Certified Facility

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