Green Revolution Water-Based Cannabis Tinctures Most Popular In Washington

It started with pure, full-spectrum cannabis oil, then we added a little bit of our own “TLC” and the rest was a commitment to our mission to help people live better, more positive lives. We’re proud to see that this dedication has paid off and that customers are living better lives with the help of cannabis.

Every new Green Revolution product is developed with a customer in mind. We see a human being who is experiencing a problem and we formulate innovative solutions through cannabis. These solutions go through rigorous research and development processes. This involves bringing in experts and thorough third-party testing to ensure we are confident in the accuracy and consistency of our products.

Cannabis tinctures are a popular method for consumption among beginner cannabis users. Green Revolution’s water-based, water-soluble formula allows for versatility in use and efficient absorption. You can use these tinctures sublingually by placing under your tongue for 30 seconds, or you can add a dropper to your favorite food or beverage for a seamless addition.

We’re proud that four of our water-based tinctures hold spots in the top 5 most popular tinctures in Washington state. Get to know the winning lineup below:

5:1 is Number 1!

Our 5:1 CBD:THC water-based tincture tops the list for most popular cannabis tincture in Washington! This supremely diverse ratio is known for providing comfort at any time of the day, with minimal psychoactivity from THC. In our water-based, vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free formula, you’ve got a real winner!

Rest Your Best

Beauty Sleep

The epitome of the Entourage Effect, Beauty Sleep is an expert formulation of a 4:2:1 ratio of THC:CBD: CBN. What’s CBN? CBN is a minor cannabinoid that has shown promise in helping someone catch some extra z’s.

Relief 1000PM

High CBD with a nighttime formulated terpene profile, Relief 1000PM is an extra-strength CBD tincture that is popular among customers who are looking for a CBD solution that is suited for nighttime. 

A Beginner’s Best Friend

Relief 100 has long been hailed as a great tincture for those new to cannabis and are looking to delight in the benefits of CBD. What makes Green Revolution tinctures especially appealing to new users is it’s versatility- add to any food or beverage for a tasteless CBD boost. How much easier does it get?

Cannabis tinctures offer versatility and bioavailability that make them perfect for both experienced and beginner cannabis users. Visit the Green Revolution website to browse water and oil-based cannabis tinctures and find a licensed retailer near you.

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