The Most Precise Method for Daytime Microdosing

Daytime Cannabis Microdosing

Green Revolution Tincture

At night, as long as you don’t have anywhere to be, you can afford to ingest more cannabis than you originally intended. However, when you take cannabis during the daytime, the line between “a good feeling” and “too high” is much thinner. After all, the daytime is when most of us are taking care of responsibilities (shoutout to all the parents out there).

To avoid this dilemma, you have a variety of options for precisely microdosing cannabis. You can take an edible, you can drink a beverage, or you can use a tincture. Edibles are great because the cannabis dosage is consistent and contained to each individual edible. However, if you want to consume a dosage less than a full edible, a bit of guesswork is involved in splitting the edible into the desired dose.

Beverages, like edibles, offer consistent, self-contained dosing. However, beverages are also easier to microdose than edibles, as they often contain exact dosing measurements on the beverage. Still, microdosing a beverage can be unwieldy, as measuring capfuls or measuring dose through hash lines on the side of the bottle isn’t the most user-friendly.

In contrast to beverages and edibles, tinctures are the easiest and most consistent way to microdose. Tinctures have a pipet, or a dropper, with marks to indicate dosage. When you use a dropper you are able to draw the exact amount of tincture fluid you desire. Because of this precision, entry level consumers and consumers highly sensitive to dosage can dose with confidence when they use tinctures. So when you need to carefully tread the line between being high and functionality, tinctures are a powerful tool.

Microdosing the Journey Water Tincture

Journey TinctureGreen Revolution offers several daytime water tinctures. For those who want a mostly THC experience, Green Revolution’s Journey Tincture is a fantastic option. While the tincture does contain 2mg CBD and 2mg CBG per bottle, it also has 100mg of THC. Without much CBD to smooth the effects of the THC, the Journey Tincture experience tends to be more psychoactive than tinctures higher in CBD. To microdose this tincture for the daytime, make sure to dose in increments of 5mg THC or less (10mg THC is considered a standard dose). Additionally, wait at least 45 minutes to an hour before adding onto the dose.

Microdosing the Balance Water Tincture

Balance TinctureGreen Revolution’s Balance Water Tincture is also great for the daytime, but better suited for those who want equal parts THC and CBD in their doses (Balance has 100mg THC, 100mg CBD, and 3mg CBG per bottle). As alluded to, CBD tends to modulate the psychoactive effects felt from THC. Taken alone, THC can be psychoactive and even energizing. With CBD added, the level of psychoactivity may feel mellowed and the type of high less energetic in nature. So, if you have responsibilities but aren’t in a rush to get them done, the Balance Tincture is a great way to glide calmly through the day. As far as dosing, you’ll want to follow the same guidance as is used for the Journey Tincture–make sure to dose in increments of 5mg THC or less and wait at least 45 minutes to an hour before adding onto the dose.

Microdosing the CBD 1000 AM Water Tincture

CBD 1000 TinctureIn strong contrast to the Journey Water Tincture, Green Revolution’s CBD 1000 AM Water Tincture is very high in CBD (1000 mg per bottle) and much lower in THC (50 mg per bottle). Because it’s in a larger container as well, it also contains a higher amount of CBG (20mg per bottle) than the Journey and Balance tinctures. The higher quantity of CBG makes this tincture a stellar choice for pain relief (CBG has reported anti-inflammatory and pain-soothing properties). On top of that, the massive ratio of CBD to THC, means the effects of this tincture will be more in the body than the mind. This tincture is great for those who want body calm and minimal amounts of THC in the daytime. Because CBD isn’t psychoactive, you can dose quite high on this tincture. You just need to be careful to stick to less than 5mg THC at a time in the amount you use.

How to Take Your Microdose

Tincture MedicinalGreen Revolution Water Tinctures are water-based, so they can be taken sublingually or mixed with your favorite drinks. Sublingual ingestion is a fast and easy method of consuming the tinctures if you aren’t looking for a specific kind of taste. However, one of the new fads we’ve noticed is our consumers adding water tincture doses to their favorite drink in the morning. A lot of people will drink tea, coffee, juice, and/or smoothies in the morning, so adding an extra minute to the preparation by dosing the drinks with a tincture is simple and highly effective.


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