The Green Revolution Difference

Enhanced with Minor Cannabinoids
Most potent minor cannabinoids on the market, for a more vivid, elevated experience
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“Terpenes, Love, Cannabinoids” Standardization Profiles
Do you want consistent experiences? Ready to take the guesswork out of your cannabis journey? Looking for experiences you can count on every time? Green Revolution makes this possible with bespoke formulations of cannabis-derived terpenes and effective cannabinoid ratios.
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Ready. Set. UNET
A break through nano-emulsification technology that delivers unrivaled bioavailability, at the speed of you.
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Consume with confidence
You deserve the truth about the products you’re consuming. Green Revolution has been dedicated to trust & transparency since our inception in 2015. Each of our products have paperless COA’s available for customers to see complete lab reports by unique batch ID.
Made Responsibly
Designed with intention and prepared with care, we’re committed to quality and sustainability.

Green Revolution products are produced using low-waste practices and completely recyclable packaging. All of our products are manufactured in a Clean Green Certified facility with quality assurance professionals at every stage of the process.
Sourced Locally
We support small locally owned family farms that use organic, regenerative & sustainable farming practices.

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