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Green Revolution is your source for trusted cannabis products that amplify the positives and minimize the negatives in your life. Our mission is to provide people from all walks of life with the highest quality, innovative products and solutions to power their quest to live better, healthier, and more positive lives.

The True Experience Company

Exciting & Energetic without Fear

Fly beyond the negatives and enjoy life on the higher side. Our thoughtful Fly profile was created to optimize the positives of the Sativa profile and eliminate the nuances known to exist like a fast paced and racy head high. Carefully crafting this profile, we made sure the dominating terpenes really expressed the ideal Sativa experience that could be enjoyed by all.

Relaxing for the Soul

Find your happy place & enjoy complete tranquility. Sit back after a long day with our Indica blend of cannabis strains that are carefully formulated to make you feel like you’re in paradise.
Find inner peace on your own terms.

Bright & Creative

Fin balance and peace in your everyday life. Elevate TLC profile was created to bring out the best of both Sativa and Indica experiences by utilizing a synergistic blend of specific cannabis terpenes related to both effects. An experience that fits any time of day. Elevate your day and be sure to share with friends.

Comforting and Functional

CBD is our high-CBD experience, formulated for you to reap all the whole-body of CBD with the perfect amount of THC to unlock the synergistic benefits of the Entourage Effect.

Green Revolution – Experience Your Moments!

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