Nature’s Wonder: Green Revolution’s Natural Nano THC Technology Unlocks THC’s Full Potential

The biggest challenge with cannabis consumption is often its bioavailability. When ingested, or applied topically, cannabis loses a significant amount of its therapeutic properties. Even with inhalation, bioavailability is limited to a paltry 30%. The pursuit of better bioavailability has driven the cannabis industry to embrace nanotechnology. Nano THC particles can be more than 1000x smaller the average THC molecule. Additionally, these particles are encapsulated within a lipophilic barrier, allowing them to be absorbed better, faster, and more efficiently.

What is nano THC?

It is an open secret that Tetrahydrocannabinol has naturally low bioavailability. This is due, namely, to the molecule’s size. Nanotechnology allows for the dramatic reduction of cannabis molecule size by subjecting them to ultrasonic waves and encapsulating them in a surfactant. This process alters the molecules’ properties, changing them from lipid-tolerant, to entirely lipophilic, allowing your body to more readily absorb them. The resulting product is a highly metabolizable, fast-acting solution that has significantly more effective THC.

What are the benefits of nano THC?

Green Revolution uses ultrasonic nano emulsification technology (UNET) to manufacture nano THC. This process dramatically reduces the particle diameter of THC, resulting in a product that is stable across a wide range of temperatures, so cannabis-infused products retain their bioactivity, potency, and particle size distribution even after exposure to temperatures in excess of 200°F.

Green Revolution’s nanotechnology also allows nano THC emulsions to be integrated into a whole range of products, such as beverages, water-based tinctures, and creams.

By far the biggest benefit of nano THC is its improved bioavailability. Typical THC formulations provide 6–20% of absorbable THC. By contrast, nano THC formulations provide up to 85% absorbable THC. This bioavailability is a result of Green Revolution’s achieved particle sizes ranging from 150 to 700 nanometers, reducing onset time from 2 hours to as little as 20 minutes.

While some other companies may boast of particle sizes of <200 nm, clinical and laboratory research has shown that there is no appreciable difference in the bioavailability of particles with a diameter between 80–750 nm. As such, the nano THC molecules produced by Green Revolution provide effects that are consistent, predictable, and are no less effective than the synthetic counterparts on the market.

Natural vs. Synthetic Nano

Where many manufacturers creating “Nano” products use synthetic surfactants and emulsifiers, such as Tween-80 (which may result in smaller particles but can introduce unwanted byproducts into their foods), Green Revolution has opted to utilize an all-natural alternative.

A major limiting factor in using synthetic surfactants is a reduction in thermal stability, meaning if the product is accidentally left in a car or is used in a high-heat process like candy making, the emulsion will begin to break down, allowing the particles to experience what is referred to as “coalescence.” This results in particles which increase in size over time, decreasing the bioavailability.

By contrast, the all-natural alternative Green Revolution employs is significantly more heat stable, meaning products like our Doozies maintain their nanoparticles and increased bioavailability not only throughout the cooking process, but also long after, resulting in a better, more reliable experience for the user.

So taking them to the beach on a hot summer day won’t alter their chemistry and change their bioavailability as may occur with products produced with synthetic nano technology.

Bioavailability of the product increases with this process as a result of both particle size reduction and the creation of the lipophilic coating on the molecule, making the cannabinoids able to more readily enter the bloodstream and more easily access the endocannabinoid system, providing the desired effects to the user faster and with greater efficiency.

Green Revolution Benefits

Nanotech the Green Revolution Way

Undoubtedly, Nano CBD is the future of cannabis. Green Revolution uses only all-natural ingredients in its nano technology process.

The result is an award-winning generation of edibles, topical creams, water-based tinctures, and FastTabs that are brilliantly simple but highly effective.

Try a delicious Doozie today and experience the benefits of nano tech at work for yourself.


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