Quality Control Protocols

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Welcome to the Green Revolution Certified Professionals Program!

At Green Revolution, we not only exceed industry standards for quality, testing and taste, but we are also continuously developing innovations that revolutionize the way cannabis is produced and consumed.

In this course, we are going to learn about the extensive quality control processes and third-party testing standards that Green Revolution uses to bring you the cleanest, highest quality, consistent experiences through cannabis.

We employ a number of expert staff members and processes to help us maintain the highest quality, cleanliness and safety standards in the cannabis industry. We have dedicated quality control specialists that independently audit and check all of our products at every stage from seed to finished good.

Let’s start from the source. Green Revolution sources the cannabis used in our extracts from the beloved farms of the Revolutionary Farmers Alliance. This collective of growers practices only the most responsible and environmentally sound methods of growing cannabis.

Each lot of flower that we use is meticulously inspected and tested for pesticides, potency and other particles. Just like good hops make good beer and good grapes make good wine, we believe it takes the finest cannabis to make the finest cannabis products.

We are confident that if the FDA were to regulate cannabis, we would be the example they choose to exemplify. We know because we have done it before. Green Revolution’s production facility is gluten-free and Clean Green Certified– which means that we’ve gone above and beyond to take the steps to produce clean & environmentally friendly products.

We continually invest in 3rd party audit companies such as the Institute of Food Safety Defense to audit our facility and systems on an ongoing basis.

Each of our products has been Phase 3 tested three times on average before it hits store shelves. These tests allow us to ensure that each product is consistent in cannabinoid and terpene profile and safe for our customers. Phase 3 testing ensures the product is free from pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, and residuals.

Remember: potency, pesticide, heavy metal results for each batch are included with every order, or available through us at info@greenrevolution.com

We’re committed to freshness at Green Revolution. By offering no minimums on our orders, we can keep our retailers stocked with only the freshest product available. 

For more information please visit www.greenrevolution.com or connect with your Green Revolution sales rep. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

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