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Welcome to the Green Revolution Certified Professionals Program!

As product developers at this crucial moment in cannabis history, we feel that it is our responsibility to showcase the true potential of cannabis. We strive to make only the best products, that work. 

The product development process begins with a single question: “What can we create that will help people live better lives?” Communication is key in fulfilling a customer’s needs. To bring a “product idea” to reality, we reach out to hundreds of retail employees and customers to get their input on the benefits they’re seeking. We have developed particular ratios, terpene profiles, and sometimes additional herbal ingredients to address specific issues that customers face on a daily basis. 

Next, we partner our in-house developers with experts in various fields to develop a premium finished product– skin care and cosmetic experts for topicals, leading food scientists for edibles and beverages, pastry chefs and bakers for gluten-free products.  

We then test ingredients and flavors to a level unmatched in the cannabis industry. For instance, we tested more than twenty variations of peach juices with hundreds of samples, to settle on our famous Juicy Peach flavor for Doozies.  

To achieve the most precise and accurate experiences, we have combined the knowledge of leading cannabis laboratories, and real-world customer feedback to find the optimal recipes for each of our experience.  

Why are our products unique? We listen to the customer, and utilize retail staff insights to develop products that work. We develop only the best products using the best ingredients. 

Our goal is to provide people with the finest and best cannabis products available. Period. 

For more information please visit or connect with your Green Revolution sales rep. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.

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