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February 29, 2020
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Scan, Learn, Track, Enjoy!

Having confidence in your cannabis is becoming more important as new brands and new cannabis products hit the market. Transparency is something that Green Revolution takes to heart. We have always stood on the pillar that internally, and externally, we want to be clear about what you are getting in your cannabis products
February 21, 2020
GreenRevolution Yoga

Self-Care and Cannabis, Finding the Balance to Help Elevate Your Life.

Self-care has become one of those buzzword topics that is really just a fancy way of explaining how to balance work and life in a healthy way. Whether that is through yoga, meditation, journaling or just getting enough sleep, “self-care” is about reducing the stresses that are thrust upon you on a daily basis.
February 19, 2020
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Green Revolution Certified Cannabis Professionals Giveaway for Two Free iPads is Extended!

We’re nearing our first 200 Certified Cannabis Professionals! We’ve decided to EXTEND our giveaway to give our Certified Professionals an opportunity to get certified and enter to win a FREE Green Revolution iPad! Winners will be announced Friday, March 6! How to Enter: 1. Complete the Green Revolution Certified Cannabis Professionals Program on 2. Follow @expgreenrevolution on Instagram. 3. Share a photo of your Certified Cannabis Professionals passing exam, hoodie or pin on your IG Story and tag @expgreenrevolution! Have questions? Feel free to send an email to or DM us on Instagram for more information!
February 7, 2020
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Spice up Your Sex Life with Cannabis

Because there is so little research associated with cannabis and sex, we’re left to the results of self-reported studies and the varying factors that come along with them. There are testimonials from users who swear by cannabis as an aphrodisiac, use CBD and THC products to help relieve pain caused by sex, and even the possibility of more intense orgasms. Doesn’t sound bad, huh? What we do know is this: Cannabis users are reported to have more sex than non-cannabis users. Many cannabis users do so to relax before intercourse. Cannabis use has shown some promise in increasing sexual desire and satisfaction in people over the age of 50. If you’re looking to make your Valentine’s Day a little more interesting, you may consider adding some cannabis products to your nightstand arsenal. Here are a few suggestions from the Green Revolution product lineup that are an excellent addition to the […]