Self-Care and Cannabis, Finding the Balance to Help Elevate Your Life.

Self-Care and Cannabis,

Finding the Balance to Help

Elevate Your Life.

Self-care has become one of those buzzword topics that is really just a fancy way of explaining how to balance work and life in a healthy way. Whether that is through yoga, meditation, journaling or just getting enough sleep, “self-care” is about reducing the stresses that are thrust upon you on a daily basis. Now that cannabis is becoming more available and better understood, many are turning to cannabis as a quick self-care solution. In combination with other common self-care practices, cannabis can be the secret to helpful versus unproductive self-care routines.

Cannabis as a Self-Care Practice 

When something is labeled self-care, it is often immediately thought of as healthy, but like anything, moderation is the key. Take for example someone who uses fitness as a self-care practice. Spending hours in the gym seems healthy, but hours and hours in the gym can lead to potential injuries and overtraining. In a similar way cannabis, as a self-care practice has gained an ever-increasing audience, but many still consider it a vice that should be held to the same standard as turning to alcohol after a hard day. 

While for many, cannabis is still stigmatized but it provides the body with certain potential benefits that kick-start the Endocannabinoid System. Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring molecules similar to those in the cannabis flower that is produced by the body. The main role of these endocannabinoids is to keep your body in balance making it vitally important in self-care practices. These endocannabinoids are often what are mimicked and effected when cannabis is ingested and what helps to produce those euphoric or psychoactive feelings in the body. 

Understanding how cannabis affects your specific endocannabinoid system, and how cannabis when used in conjunction with other self-care practices, maybe the key to managing the stress that so many of us carry. To that, we have curated some of our products that are easy to weave into your self-care routines.

How Cannabis can be Woven Into Your Self-Care Routine

Cannabis, like self-care, is very personal. What works for one person may provide a completely different experience for someone else. We have created products that allow you to tailor your cannabis to fit your personal daily routine. Whether that is starting your day with a Relief 1000AM smoothie, or soothing your muscles with Muscle Melt, you can combine cannabis that fits your self-care routine and provide your body with the balance it needs. 

Here are some ways that we recommend including cannabis in your daily self-care practice. 

Morning Yoga and Meditation

Whether it is in a studio, on the beach or in your home, Yoga is a very common form of self-care but offers a very different experience for each person. Yoga helps create that physical balance and by including Relief 1000AM into your practice, you can create that balance throughout your entire body. Designed for daytime relief, with a 20:1 CBD: THC ratio, you can embrace the calm feeling while focusing on your breathing and practice. Add Relief 1000AM to your water and flow through your yoga practice with focus and ease. 

Should your practice include mental visualization and relaxation, start your day by including the 4:1 CBD: THC, Anxiety Free Avocado Oil Tincture. Made with the purpose of providing your body with the natural benefits of the avocado (check out more in our recent blog), Anxiety Free is made with full-spectrum cannabis flower, L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, and Vitamin C to help quiet your mind. 

Post Work-out

If yoga and meditation isn’t your cup of tea, and you prefer hitting the gym, going for a run, or heading to the beach for a swim or surf, priming your endocannabinoid system post work out may help push you past your plateau and assist in recovery. We have created the Muscle Melt infused topical as the perfect pre or post-workout relief cream for those sore muscles. Created in a 1:1 THC: CBD ratio, Muscle Melt provides 150mg of CBD to calm those aches and pains and 150mg of THC to prime your system for recovery and your next work out. 

If you prefer a post-workout protein smoothie or include it in your Hydroflask, Relief 250 offers a quick and easy way to jump-start on the recovery process. Green Revolutions Relief 250 concentrated water tincture contains 250mg CBD for fast-acting relief that can be easily added to any daily routine without the intoxicating effects of THC.

After Work

Now that the workday is over, coming home, kicking off your shoes, taking a breath and sitting down with your favorite show or book may be just what is needed to relax. Sit down with a new take on the nightcap by including a dropperful of Deep Rest Avocado Oil or our Beauty Sleep Water Tincture into a warm cup of tea. Made with CBN or Cannabinol is a specific cannabinoid that aids in deep sleep and relaxation making both tinctures the perfect addition to help us find that nighttime balance we all strive for.

For more products to help elevate every moment from self-care to a night out on the town, explore our full list of products available in Washington and California. Visit Find Our Products to find a local retailer near you.

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