Spice up Your Sex Life with Cannabis

Because there is so little research associated with cannabis and sex, we’re left to the results of self-reported studies and the varying factors that come along with them. There are testimonials from users who swear by cannabis as an aphrodisiac, use CBD and THC products to help relieve pain caused by sex, and even the possibility of more intense orgasms. Doesn’t sound bad, huh?

What we do know is this:

  • Cannabis users are reported to have more sex than non-cannabis users.
  • Many cannabis users do so to relax before intercourse.
  • Cannabis use has shown some promise in increasing sexual desire and satisfaction in people over the age of 50.

If you’re looking to make your Valentine’s Day a little more interesting, you may consider adding some cannabis products to your nightstand arsenal. Here are a few suggestions from the Green Revolution product lineup that are an excellent addition to the bedroom:

1. Doozies

Set the mood for you and your partner by sinking your teeth into a CBD dominant Doozie before things get started. With a bright, natural taste, you’ll both be saying “MMM!” before you even touch each other.

2. Muscle Melt Gell

While you’re waiting for your Doozie to kick in, you’ve got some time for a sensual massage with our Muscle Melt Gel. With a 1:1 ratio of CBD: THC and a soothing (not irritating) warming sensation, Muscle Melt is sure to turn up the heat for the main event.

3. Green Baker Edibles

When you’ve finished the act, there’s still plenty of intimacy to be had. You and your partner can indulge your sweet tooth with a premium, gourmet cannabis edible.

4. Joysticks

Sharing a preroll with your partner is probably about as sweet as it gets. Lean into your relaxation with a 2-pack of Joysticks in our Chill “Terpenes, Love, Cannabinoids” Indica Profile.

While cannabis and sex can both be difficult topics to bring up, they make an excellent pair when brought together. Visit the Green Revolution website to learn more about cannabis and browse our fun-spectrum, whole-plant cannabis products.

Green Revolution

Since its inception, Green Revolution has consistently garnered critical acclaim for its exceptional, industry-leading products. Year after year, our offerings have secured top honors at prestigious industry events in Washington and California, including the Seattle Sun Cup, Dope Magazine Awards, and Craft Cannabis Cup. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the cannabis plant holds miraculous potential. Through innovative science and a deep respect for nature, we ensure our products deliver dependable results while championing sustainability.

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