The Many Faces of the Cannabis Consumer

Just as we discover more uses for cannabis, new audiences begin to emerge to take advantage of these novel cannabis applications. Here, we’ll break down some of the types of consumers we see in today’s market.

Cannabis 2.0: A Bright New Era for the Cannabis Industry

As one of the first cannabis companies to operate in Washington state, Green Revolution has seen the cannabis industry evolve through many phases. We’re here to tell you that more than any other industry, the cannabis industry has changed dramatically and quickly. Welcome to Cannabis 2.0.

Beginner's Guide for Cannabis Newbies 2021

Why do I need to add cannabis to my routine? As legalization spreads across the US- and even the globe- more and more people are incorporating cannabis into their wellness and recreational activities. Cannabis is often praised for its recreational uses. The plant can also be a natural solution for your everyday wellness needs. Motivate yourself … Continued

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