The Edibles Have Evolved

Have you stayed away from edibles because they are too weak, too strong, or too unpredictable? Rewind the tape to 1987 when your crazy uncle whipped up a plate of weed brownies. And when you asked how potent they were, the only response you got was a weird smile. Eating one of those space brownies was a leap of faith into the unknown.

But in today’s i502 recreational market, edibles have evolved to a point where those concerns are no longer. Gone are the days of the mystery edible. Today edibles are rigorously tested for consistency and potency. Testing labs like Analytics 360 meticulously measure for the potency of cannabinoids, microbials, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and terpenes. This allows for an unprecedented degree of control as to what goes into edibles. For people purchasing edibles at an i502 retailer, this means you can control the exact amount you want to consume and achieve the experience you are looking for.

For example, if you are someone who doesn’t need to consume a lot of THC to feel the effects, there are edible options for micro-dosing. If you are someone who needs to consume large quantities to feel anything, there are good options for you as well.

Take for instance, Green Revolution’s Sublingual Sprays. With 2.5mg THC + .125mg CBG per spray, Happiest Self Sublingual Spray is great for when you need clear the mind and stay awake and positive. The small spray bottle contains an impressive 100mg THC + 5mg CBG with Green Revolution’s Fly TLC profile. If you need 20 or 30mg THC to feel anything, just keep spraying until you achieve that optimum clear-headed calm yet energetic and creative high. It’s small, discrete and you don’t have to worry about the smell.

The blend cannabis-derived terpenes help enhance that experience without the overwhelming effects many people have with other edibles. This is the new wave of edibles. Reintroducing cannabis-derived terpenes into edibles reduces the unpredictability of edibles, giving you the ability to choose the experience. The terpenes and sublingual consumption speed up the rate of absorption and onset, so you feel it faster, making it easier to discover that perfect amount to find your happiest self.

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