Using Cannabis to Enhance Your Daily Moments Pt. 2

Cannabis is a multi-faceted plant with benefits that far exceed what we already know. People all over the world are utilizing cannabis-infused products to taper their anxiety, ease pain and facilitate wellness in all aspects of their lives. At Green Revolution, we carefully formulate our cannabis infused products in a variety of useful cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles to produce specific effects. Customers trust our tinctures, topicals, tablets and edibles to help them use cannabis in a way that compliments their daily routine. 

At Green Revolution, we believe that there’s always a moment that can be enhanced with cannabis. Take Nick and Jack for example, Nick is an animation designer who uses cannabis both therapeutically and recreationally. He’s often turned to the plant to help him dream up some of this most stunning animations. Jack is a stay-at-home dad who’s looking for relief and discretion in his cannabis products. These two fellows lead very different lives but can share common ground when it comes to cannabis.

Getting Yourself out the Door

Nick starts his day on a tasty note. After he wraps up his morning routine, he pops a Juicy Peach Doozie in a 40:1 ratio of CBD: THC as he hops on his bike. This powerful, high CBD gummy puts him in a mellow mood to start his workday.

As Nick rides off to work, Jack just got his children on the school bus and is retreating to his now quiet kitchen for a cup of coffee. He adds 2 droppers of Relief 1000 AM to his morning brew to ease the pain in his sore shoulder. Reading the newspaper is much more enjoyable now!

Attacking the Afternoon

After lunch, Nick pops a couple of Fast Tabs out of his backpack to ease his performance anxiety before a presentation. The 20mg of CBD and 0.5mg of THC in our Remarkable Daytime formula has him calm and level-headed walking into his meeting. 

Jack is using his afternoon to squeeze in a workout. His workout recovery hasn’t been the same since he started using Muscle Melt Gel. Post-workout, he can apply some Muscle Melt and finish the last of his errands before the kids come home.

Wrapping Up the Day

When he’s not at work, Nick has been known to tickle the ivories. Before he sets up shop at his keyboard, he mixes himself a cannabis mocktail and adds a dropper of Journey water-based tincture. This Sativa blend dissolves into his beverage and inspires him as his fingers dance along the keys. 

It’s bedtime over at Jack’s house. He’s making for a remarkable tomorrow by taking two Fast Tabs Remarkable Night-time. An indica blend of terpenes with a 50:1 ratio of CBD: THC sends him off into a rejuvenating rest.

The possibilities with cannabis products are practically endless. You can reap all the benefits both medically and recreationally while remaining discreet and at the top of your game. At Green Revolution we want to #BreaktheStigma around cannabis use by incorporating it into a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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