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July 19, 2018
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Green Revolution: Your Summer Good Times Solution

It’s Saturday afternoon, a perfect day for a BBQ. You’ve invited friends, stocked up on the meats, salads, chips, condiments, and you’ve got the secret ingredients for a summer blast. When it comes to putting on a BBQ for the ages, Green Revolution has you covered with sure-fire ways to turn an ordinary BBQ into an extraordinary one. Both BBQs and cannabis have an amazing power to bring people together for a rocking good time. As any serious BBQ aficionado will tell you, the secret of success depends on the right tools and ingredients. By adding a few dropperfuls of Green Revolution Home Baked Cooking oil to the hamburger mix, you can make a sizzling burger that takes your BBQ to another level. It’s a CBD:THC 1:1 ratio which is the optimal ratio for ultimate summer relaxation and fun. Each dropperful has 5 mg THC + 5mg CBD infused in […]
July 5, 2018
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Making the Connoisseur’s Cut

What makes a perfect pre-roll? Think of it as a journey of peak moments from seed to smoke. A fine seed from a choice strain. Planted with care by the passionate farmers. Cared for by master growers who pay close attention to the plant, harvested and cured at the peak moment, and then packaged with love and care to be transported and blended by our blend master. This is where science meets art. Rigorous testing meets artful blending to bring out the nuance of each strain at its peak moment of flavor. And make all the strains work in concert to produce a fresh, smooth and distinctive smoke. Think of the blend master as a conductor of a small orchestra of flavors. It’s a delicate balancing act to make the flavors work in harmony. But when you get it right, the experience is second to none. Crafting “Joysticks: the Connoisseur’s […]