Green Revolution: Your Summer Good Times Solution

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It’s Saturday afternoon, a perfect day for a BBQ. You’ve invited friends, stocked up on the meats, salads, chips, condiments, and you’ve got the secret ingredients for a summer blast. When it comes to putting on a BBQ for the ages, Green Revolution has you covered with sure-fire ways to turn an ordinary BBQ into an extraordinary one.

Both BBQs and cannabis have an amazing power to bring people together for a rocking good time. As any serious BBQ aficionado will tell you, the secret of success depends on the right tools and ingredients.

By adding a few dropperfuls of Green Revolution Home Baked Cooking oil to the hamburger mix, you can make a sizzling burger that takes your BBQ to another level. It’s a CBD:THC 1:1 ratio which is the optimal ratio for ultimate summer relaxation and fun. Each dropperful has 5 mg THC + 5mg CBD infused in organic coconut oil. Not too much to keep you in the couch, but just enough for a full-body sensation that will leave you giggling at every Dad joke. Because Home Baked does not taste like cannabis, it doesn’t interfere with the goodness you’re whipping up.

And when the burger is done, skip the beer and reach for a Wild Side. You and your guests want a drink that is light and refreshing so they can cut through the heavy BBQ foods and save you from a food coma. With the hot sun blazing down on you, you need some serious hydration. No other drink that gets you high is as smooth and refreshing as Wild Side. Summer Peach Wild Side is perfect light carbonated fruit drink to quench your thirst and elevate your game. If you don’t want to get baked at the BBQ, there is always CBD Mango Tropical Storm for the ultimate relaxing weekend.

No BBQ would be complete without a tasty assortment of treats. Our soft-baked gluten-free Green Baker cookies will ensure your cookout ends on a sweet note. They come in three flavors: Cinnamon Snickerdoodle, Chewy Chocolate chip, and Triple Chocolate Fudge. Each delicious cookie has 10mg THC + 10mg CBD. They are delicious treats by themselves, but you use them to make Ice cream shakes or as the topper to your Sundae.

When the day is done and your friends head out for the night, you finally put your sore feet up and relax. Thankfully, you have a jar of Solace, Green Revolution’s deep penetrating CBD topical for your aches and pains. Maybe that volleyball was hard on your knees, but the fun times were worth it.

So whether you’re at the beach, hiking a trail, throwing a BBQ, or chilling by the pool remember – Green Revolution is your summer Good Times solution.

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