Making the Connoisseur's Cut

What makes a perfect pre-roll? Think of it as a journey of peak moments from seed to smoke. A fine seed from a choice strain. Planted with care by the passionate farmers. Cared for by master growers who pay close attention to the plant, harvested and cured at the peak moment, and then packaged with love and care to be transported and blended by our blend master.

This is where science meets art. Rigorous testing meets artful blending to bring out the nuance of each strain at its peak moment of flavor. And make all the strains work in concert to produce a fresh, smooth and distinctive smoke. Think of the blend master as a conductor of a small orchestra of flavors. It’s a delicate balancing act to make the flavors work in harmony. But when you get it right, the experience is second to none.

Crafting “Joysticks: the Connoisseur’s Cut” is a very hands-on job performed by a team of skilled craftspeople led by the Blend Master, Robert, a retired Navy vet.

Robert is a cannabis connoisseur and is passionate about the flower he smokes. He enjoys a flavorful smoke that is fresh, smooth, and delicious. By combining his expert knowledge of cannabis with extensive market research, he is able to engineer perfect blends of different strains.

Each strain has its own unique impact on the blend, from its distinct flavors and effects to its humidity and stickiness. All of these play a role in deciding the 4-6 strains and their proportions for our four Joystick experiences: Fly, Chill, Elevate, and Relief.

What does a blend master look for to find the perfect plant? It starts with the structure of the bud and the trichome development. Properly grown cannabis produce buds densely packed with ripe trichomes, as this is where the cannabinoids and terpenes are stored.

He studies the color of the glandular trichome head to determine trichome ripeness. At peak ripeness, the trichome heads are milky white with a potential hint of amber. Even with the accompanying lab results, we receive from third-party testing facilities, in the end, it’s blend master’s nose that helps synthesize the perfect blend for optimal flavor and a bright terpene profile.

Each blend has gone through rigorous research to find the perfect mixture of different high-quality terpene-rich strains that compliment and enhance one another for a delicious smoking experience.

That flavorful and powerful mix is then placed in hemp-based paper with a high-flow filter and sealed with CO2 oil and kief. By adding a Boveda 2-way humidity control pack, this helps to ensure that every Joystick if as fresh as the day Robert crafted it.

The journey from seed to smoke is an exacting process that has no shortcuts. Every step of the journey has to be perfect. And, for Robert, for our farmers and growers, it is a labor of love and a measure of their pride in their craft.

So when you taste and savor Joysticks, you’ll be tasting more than the finest pre-roll you ever smoked. The Joysticks box is numbered just like art prints from the masters or fine whiskey from Scotland. So you can be sure that these limited edition pre-rolls were handcrafted just for you.

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