Mango Tropical Storm

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Welcome to Paradise. Your dream vacation in a bottle (the sandy beach part, not the packing and the late for the plane part). Unleash the exotic flavors of the tropics and get carried away on the waves of bliss with its Indica cannabis-terpene profile.
Wild Side is more than a cannabis beverage- it’s true cannabis-infused hydration! Full-spectrum cannabis oil with a full cannabis-terpene profile and a boost of antioxidants and electrolytes.

Per 17oz Bottle: 10mg CBD + 100mg THC + 5mg CBG
Per 12oz Bottle: 3mg CBD + 30mg THC + 3mg CBG
Per Serving: 1mg CBD + 10mg THC + 1mg CBG

Start low and go slow. Find your perfect serving size. Start with one serving, wait approximately 90 minutes, then increase as needed for the desired effect. Sharing is encouraged!
Available sizes
12oz., 17oz.
Antioxidants & Electrolytes
Lab Certified
Gluten-Free Gluten-Free
Vegan Vegan
No Dyes No Dyes
No Dyes
GMO free GMO free
GMO free