The World’s First Dose-Controlled Dry-Herb Vaporizer

Ryah Smart Dry-Herb Inhaler


  • Green Revolution is bringing you their trusted cannabis experiences in the form of a dose-controlled dry-herb vaporizer and an innovation on vape cartridges. The RYAH Smart Vaporizer is a temperature and dose-measuring dry-herb device that offers unprecedented control over your vaporizing sessions.

  • Using convection heat and cylindrical shaped cartridges, The RYAH & Green Revolution system gives you the power to taste and feel every cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid in the strain you’re smoking. No uneven heating or burnt tastes.

  • Track your sessions and record your experience on the RYAH Health app. The anonymous data you provide, contributes to medical cannabis studies to help customers find solutions that help them live better lives.

Convection heating Convection heating
Convection heating
Revolutionary Cylindrical Cartridge Revolutionary Cylindrical Cartridge
Revolutionary Cylindrical Cartridge
Track Your Dose Track Your Dose
Track Your Dose on the RYAH Health App
Exceptional flavor Exceptional flavor
Exceptional flavor- no burnt taste!
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