Wildside Max Lemon Berry WA
WildSide Shot MAX

Lemon + Berry Energy

100 mg THC

Packing 100mg THC and 40 mg caffeine in a 2 oz. go-anywhere bottle, the Wildside MAX Lemon + Berry Energy Shot is a highly potent and portable good times beverage that is fast-acting, Kosher, and vegan. Wildside MAX Lemon + Berry packs the bold, real fruit flavors of zesty lemons and sweet berries. The shot is available in an Elevate profile--promoting balance and creativity.

Per Bottle: 100mg THC + 40mg caffeine

Myrcene, ß-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Terpinolene, α-Pinene

UNET Rapid Onset UNET Rapid Onset
UNET Rapid Onset
Vegan Vegan
Full Spectrum Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum
Cannabis-Infused Energy Cannabis-Infused Energy
Cannabis-Infused Energy
Kosher Kosher