Wildside Max Lemon Berry WA
WildSide Shot MAX

Lemon + Berry Energy

100 mg THC
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Show your tastebuds some kindness with a WildSide MAX Lemon + Berry Energy shot! Live life to the MAX! WildSide Shots MAX are the fastest-acting, most potent cannabis-infused shots.

Per Bottle: 100mg THC + 40mg Caffeine
UNET Rapid Onset UNET Rapid Onset
UNET Rapid Onset
Vegan Vegan
Full Spectrum Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum
Cannabis-Infused Energy Cannabis-Infused Energy
Cannabis-Infused Energy
How to use

Unwrap the cap, sip and enjoy!

The Difference
Wild Side Shots are formulated with Ultrasonic Nano Emulsification Technology (UNET) for fast-acting, long lasting results that you’ll feel in 10 minutes!