Doozies FLY

Mixed Flavor Variety Pack

Brilliantly simple gummies.

Sensationally delicious all-natural, cannabis-infused vegan adult fruit chews. Distinct, bright flavors that taste like real fruit. When it comes to great taste and long-lasting enjoyment, Doozies are in a class all their own.

Get motivated with our FLY, “Terpenes Love Cannabinoids Standardized Profiles” and find relief as each Doozie has 10mg THC + 2mg CBD for a juicy blast of wellness. Balanced, relieving, and downright scrumptious. Make any moment a real doozy.

2 pack: 20mg THC + 4mg CBD
10 pack: 100mg THC + 20mg CBD

Available package size:
Fast-Absorbing Fast-Absorbing
Long Lastinig Long Lastinig
All-Natural Fruit Flavors All-Natural Fruit Flavors

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