The Official Last Minute Stoney Stocking Stuffers Guide for 2021

The countdown to Christmas has started! Use these final days wisely by making the most out of your shopping trips. Lucky for you, there are sweet, smokey and soothing gift ideas at your favorite dispensaries! See below for our holiday stocking stuffers guide and some of our favorite retail partners to shop with.

Christmas List Item #2- Get More Sleep

Shopping and parties and daily tasks make the holidays as stressful as they are wonderful. As the demands of the holiday season begin to stack on top of each other, the item on our to-do list that is often sacrificed is sleep. Poor sleep can affect a number of your body’s typical functions- even some you didn’t even know about.

2 Ways to Optimize Your Wellness Routine to Feel Your Best

The holiday season can be a lot to handle. Between overwhelming schedules, pressure to give the perfect gifts and keeping up with your general wellness, it’s easy to get caught in a juggling act. You do what you can- exercise, eat well and try (keyword: try) to get enough sleep. A healthy lifestyle can help to curb seasonal annoyances, but sometimes you need a little extra something to keep you feeling your best.

All Buzz, no Booze: Trade Your Alcohol for a Cannabis Drink This Holiday Season

The days of spiked eggnog and hot toddies are far behind us. These days, increasingly, alcohol drinks are giving way to cannabis-based cocktails at social gatherings. Savvy socialites are ditching alcohol with its usual and unpleasant side effects (hangover, anyone?) for a cleaner high that won’t bring you down.

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