2 Ways to Optimize Your Wellness Routine to Feel Your Best

The holiday season can be a lot to handle. Between overwhelming schedules, pressure to give the perfect gifts and keeping up with your general wellness, it’s easy to get caught in a juggling act. You do what you can- exercise, eat well and try (keyword: try) to get enough sleep. 


A healthy lifestyle can help to curb seasonal annoyances, but sometimes you need a little extra something to keep you feeling your best.

Feel Your Best All Day with Relief Water-Soluble Tinctures from Green Revolution!

Green Revolution water-based CBD tinctures are formulated with nanoemulsified cannabinoids for supreme bioavailability and rapid onset. Typically, tinctures are consumed sublingually by placing the product under the tongue. Green Revolution CBD tinctures are versatile! With a water-based, water-soluble formula, you can add a dropper of this tincture to any food or beverage without any added flavor or texture.

Do you ever need a little extra jump start in the morning? Stay ahead of your daily discomforts with Daytime Relief. Daytime Relief is a powerful 1000mg CBD tincture with 50mg and 20mg CBG in each bottle. This cannabis tincture is easy to incorporate into your routine. Add a dropper to your morning coffee for an extra pick me up.

Per Dropper: 6.25mg CBD + 0.3mg THC + 0.15mg CBG
Daytime Relief
Bookend Your Day with Daytime & Nighttime Relief Water-Soluble Tinctures
Don’t let your to-do list keep you up at night. Nighttime Relief uses a similar 1000mg CBD formula with THC & CBN to help you rest deeply and wake up feeling refreshed. Allow your body to completely recover from your daily adventures so you can take every day feeling like your most vital self.

Per Dropper: 6.25mg CBD + 0.3mg THC + 0.15mg CBN
Nighttime Relief

Daytime & Nighttime Relief Water-Soluble Tinctures

CA Relief1000 2021
Daytime Relief
Daytime Relief is designed for comfort and relief, so you can operate throughout the day unhindered. Add a dropper to your morning coffee or tea to support all-day wellness.
Relief1000 Nighttime Cbd Tincture Greenrevolution
Nighttime Relief
Enjoy deep rest from a high-CBD tincture with an Indica terpene profile. CBD 1000 PM harnesses the powers of CBN- a cannabinoid known for it’s restful effects. Catch some much needed zzz’s and wake up feeling refreshed.
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