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January 11, 2021
wildside shots clean cannabis energy

WildSide Shots: Clean, Cannabis Energy On-The-Go

Do you ever wish you had a portable battery charger like you do for your phone? Well, now you do! Since summer 2020, WildSide Shots have taken the Washington cannabis market by storm as a clean, rapid-onset energy solution. Whether you need a little motivation before your workout, or you’re looking to beat that 2:30 feeling- there’s WildSide Shot to power your daily moments. “Chill & Caffeinated- the best combo!”- Potzone Port Orchard “The perfect hiking boost… Fast-acting (10-15 minutes and it’s kicking in)!” – @daydreaming.society So how do we create this little cannabis-infused battery? It’s as simple as Green Tea & nanoemulsification! Clean Energy with Green Tea & Cannabis WildSide Shots are carefully formulated with 40mg of caffeine naturally sourced from Green Tea. Green Tea is commonly associated with increased focus, lower cholesterol and is easier on the digestive system than coffee. When you mix that with your favorite […]