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Wildside Max

Full Spectrum
UNET Rapid Onset

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6 Refreshing All-Natural Flavors. More Bang For Your Cannabis Buck!

Different Shots
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Green Revolution Experiences

Choose a cannabis drink that suits you best. Green Revolution’s Wildside energy shots are made using UNET technology to initiate a rapid release of effects- an uncommon feature amongst many beverages and edibles.

Why Choose
Green Revolution's
Cannabis Shots?

The Wildside beverages are the perfect way to enjoy cannabis socially, you can create cannabis drink like a mocktail with Wildside so you get to enjoy the social side without the side effects associated with alcohol.

WildSide Max Cannabis Power Shots

WildSide MAX is here to power all of the extreme moments in your life. All WildSide Shots are enhanced with nanotechnology for ultimate speed and bioavailability.

Unwrap the cap, sip and enjoy!

Wild Side Shots are formulated with Ultrasonic Nano Emulsification Technology (UNET) for fast-acting, long lasting results that you’ll feel in 10 minutes!

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