WhatWhat are the benefits of taking Bella and Max?

Our new Bella & Max 3X extra strength formula packs triple the cannabinoids and wild caught salmon oil to support a positive mood and a promote healthy cardivasular function.

HowHow to use tinctures

Start low and go slow. Find your perfect serving size. Start with one squeeze of the dropper, wait approximately 90 minutes, then increase your serving as needed for the desired effect.

WhyWhy use cannabis tinctures?

Feel refreshed with a taste of the great outdoors. Bella & Max is a savory, CBD-rich cannabis tincture that uses it’s 30:1 ratio of CBD:THC to harness the powers of the Entourage Effect without the psychoactive effects of THC.


Bella & Max

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How to use cannabis tinctures

The effects varies and is dependent on the different consumption methods:
– Sublingual
– Oral
– Infusion

Sublingual application ensures maximum absorption and lasting effects, whereas oral ingestion means that the tincture will have to pass through the liver- effectively reducing bioavailability.

Sublingual application simply means placing the tincture on or underneath the tongue, or under the lips for at least 60 seconds. This allows the tiny cells to absorb the tincture directly into the sublingual artery and into the bloodstream without altering the active cannabinoids. This also ensures rapid onset of predictable effects. These effects can typically be felt within fifteen minutes with Green Revolution’s nano technology, lasting up to three hours.

Orally application simply implies the tincture is swallowed and passes through the metabolism and the liver. This delays the onset of effects when compared to sublingual onset.

What are the effects?

Cannabis tinctures have gained popularity as an effective remedy to treat inflammation, insomnia, pain, anxiety, and other health imbalances. The complete spectrum of health benefits is still being studied, however there is a plethora of anecdotal reports and preliminary studies supporting the following applications of cannabis tinctures:

– Inflammation
– Pain
– Insomnia
– Anxiety
– Crohn’s disease and other gastrointestinal issues
– Arthritis
– Hyperglycemia
– Nervous system degeneration
– Psoriasis
– Muscle spasms and muscle pain
– Nausea and vomiting
– Low appetite

It is essential to remember that the effects can and most likely will vary according to dose and cannabinoid profile.

Cannabis tinctures are a discreet and simple way to enjoy the health benefits of the cannabis plant.

How to choose the perfect tincture for you:

Green Revolution offers the choice between the following premium cannabis tinctures:

Whether you want water-based beverage mixers or sublingual avocado oil-based formulas, there’s something to fit your lifestyle:

There are mixers, relief, and ratios- three different categories to select from.
Mixers are a fun addition for creating party drinks, especially mocktails. The Relief range is specifically formulated to offer targeted relief for either day or night. The Ratio range is the ideal option that offers you, the consumer, absolute control- whether you want more focus on THC, CBD, or the health benefits of supportive cannabinoids such as CBN or CBG, Green Revolution has it for you.

Green Revolution’s revolutionary ratio based experiences rely on precise cannabinoid and terpene research.
The different ratios used are:


This ratio welcomes balance and harmony. Equal parts CBD and THC gives you the best of both cannabinoids while supporting a sense of ease and empowerment from the inside out.


The 2:1 ratio is nature’s best kept secret for a sense of wellbeing and comfort. The ratio creates an opportunity for the THC’s psychoactive effects to be more subtle as the slightly higher CBD supports comfort and a sense of wellbeing.


Being more heavy-handed with the CBD, this ratio provides an experience filled with relief, comfort, and a relaxed state to enjoy a good night’s rest.

10:1 CBD:THC

This ratio is dominated by CBD, and gives a headstart on both mental and physical wellness.

20:1 CBD:THC

The CBD dominant ratios are ideal for people who aren’t too interested in the effects of THC. The 20:1 ratio helps to keep a clear and calm mind throughout the day.


The THC dominance allows products made with this ratio to uplift and inspire.

1:20 CBD:THC

The THC dominance encourages the more social and adventurous side of life with euphoric and uplifting effects- perfect for enjoying the social scene or hiking a scenic route.

Targeted cannabinoid formulations

Nature’s Secret Sleep Weapon: CBN
Beauty sleep is crucial for everyone. Not only is it essential for natural health, but it can help to ensure optimum focus throughout the day. That’s why Green Revolution has developed the Beauty Sleep Tincture formulated with the secret weapon of sleep, the CBN cannabinoid. This cannabinoid is an effective sedative and sleep aid. Research indicates that CBN is also effective for the following:
– Immune system regulation
– Pain and inflammation relief

CBG: The motivating cannabinoid

Want to feel more invigorated for the day? This is where CBG can come out to play. CBG is an effective active ingredient in Green Revolution’s Awake tincture. CBG binds to both CB1 and CB2 receptors, and research indicates it bolsters anandmide’s function to enhance motivation and pleasure. CBG is also an effective cannabinoid for relieving pain, regulating sleep and bringing the appetite back into balance.

Water Based Tinctures

Here at Green Revolution, we love innovative formulations and cutting edge research. Thanks to this, we now have several highly effective and targeted tinctures. One of these is the water-based formulations designed with revolutionary natural Nano-based technology. Green Technology uses UNET (ultrasonic nano emulsification technology) to create award winning Nano CBD products. Here’s how it works, why we love it- and why you will too:

What is Nano CBD?

Nano CBD is precisely 1/1000th the size of regular CBD. It is coated in a lipophilic barrier, effectively enhancing absorption rate and catapulting efficiency. The ultrasonic nano emulsion technology extends stability in terms of shelf life, versatility and, most importantly, bioavailability. Nano technology delivers faster, more potent results per ounce. This is because the technology changes the molecule’s properties to become lipophilic, making them easier for your body to absorb. The result? A highly metabolizable, rapid solution.

Benefits of Nano CBD and UNET Technology

Green Revolution’s water-based tinctures are more efficient than regular CBD products. Water-based tinctures have an increased bioavailability rate of up to 85%- which means the human body receives more CBD power than the average CBD product.

Which experience do you choose?

Green Revolution offers a range of products to cater for everyone, from beginner (the more cannabis curious) to the more traditional THC based approach. Take your pick from the variety of experiences on offer:

Chill: To relax and unwind
Relief: For a therapeutic and soothing approach
Elevate: For a bright and creative upliftment
Fly: To revitalize energy and motivation

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