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At Green Revolution, we consider our retail partners and employees as members of our team. As teammates, we’re here for you to help you more effectively help your customers find products that help them live better lives. Below, we’ve attached a few tips, tricks and resources for budtenders to keep in mind as you serve your customers The Green Revolution YouTube channel is full of videos with product information, recipes and even a series about budtender success Be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay updated on new product launches and other helpful content for retailers…

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TopTender is an excellent resource for budtenders who want to become experts in their favorite brands. Green Revolution is among the top cannabis brands to offer a budtender certification that allows you to become a true Certified Cannabis Professional. In these courses, you’ll be walked through brand values, manufacturing and testing processes as well as get an in-depth look at each of our product lines. When you’ve completed your certification, you’ll receive a swag box that includes a pin, certificate and a seasonal merch item exclusive for Certified Cannabis Professionals.
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LucidIDs are our commitment to trust and transparency in the cannabis industry. LucidIDs are QR codes that are added to every Green Revolution product. Byopening the camera on your phone, focusing on the code and following the provided link, you’ll gain access to product information, user reviews and all test results associated with the specific batch of product you purchased. This is an excellent tool to share with customers to help ease their mind about the possibility of inconsistent results or questionable ingredients. Everything you’d like to know is in the palm of your hand!
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We’re here to help! We encourage you to reach out to us whenever you have a question or some helpful feedback about a product experience. We strive to reply to all inquiries within 8 hours. Here are a few of the places you can connect with us to start a conversation:

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