Your Joystick Adventure Awaits

We are really going places! And by that, I mean feel free to cruise around with these joints. With discreet packaging and a sleek profile, our Joysticks don’t look like your average joint. Welcome to the future of pre-rolls. Rolled up tight with hemp-based paper and a biodegradable high-flow filter, you can rest easy knowing that they’re also eco-friendly.

Do you want to fly, chill, elevate, or find relief? Choose your own adventure with our meticulously selected cannabis blends. Our blend master handpicks the ingredients for these beauties. We only work with the best farmers in the state and make sure all ingredients are planted, harvested, and cured with the utmost concern for quality.

Packages come with two or five joints nestled with a humidity control pack so your joint of choice will spark right up and burn just right. Speaking of burning just right, Joysticks are topped off with CO2 oil and a delicious sprinkle of kief to ensure an even and clean burn. In other words, you won’t waste your money on a joint that you have to keep re-lighting.

You’ll also find a full terpene profile on the packaging, along with a book of matches inside. So grab a pack and hit the town, or your favorite outdoor spot. Your Joystick adventure awaits!

Green Revolution

Since its inception, Green Revolution has consistently garnered critical acclaim for its exceptional, industry-leading products. Year after year, our offerings have secured top honors at prestigious industry events in Washington and California, including the Seattle Sun Cup, Dope Magazine Awards, and Craft Cannabis Cup. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the cannabis plant holds miraculous potential. Through innovative science and a deep respect for nature, we ensure our products deliver dependable results while championing sustainability.

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