You Can Prevent Burnout with Cannabis

When stress levels spike and heat is on, cannabis can help keep you calm and cool under pressure.

The new year is upon us. The honeymoon phase is over. The romance that comes with the beginning of something is waning. You have to go back to (or keep) working. Fun is over and the grind is on. With all its ensuing headaches and stresses.

For those of us who sit at a desk and in front of a computer all day, it can be physically and emotionally draining after a while. Your back hurts, your eyes are popping out of your head and you’re mentally worn out. Like many Americans today, you’re headed for a burnout. But there is something you can do about it.

Let’s see how we can fight the symptoms of burnout with a little help from cannabis.

Burnout refers to the condition of someone who is experiencing mental and physical exhaustion as a result of continuous effort or stress. It’s debilitating and has profound physical and psychological consequences.

Fortunately, burnout can be mended with a relaxing long weekend or a change in work habits, but ideally we can avoid this dreadful feeling altogether. 

The best ways to fight or prevent burnout involves basic selfcare. 

See below for some healthy habits and cannabis products that can help you stay happy and motivated throughout 2022!

1. Take regular breaks.

It’s important to take time away from your desk. Give your brain, eyes and body a rest. Go make a cup of coffee or have a glass of water. Make the most of these little breaks by adding a dropper of Green Revolution’s Happiest Self water-based tincture to your drink. With the help of CBD, THC and a little bit of CBG (the happy cannabinoid) your mood will be boosted and your productivity will remain uncompromised.

2. Stay active.

We’ve heard it all before but exercise really does help you maintain your motivation both in and out of the gym. For those days you want to push a little bit harder with your workout, pack a jar of Solace Comforting Body Cream in your gym bag. This high-CBD cannabis topical cream has a comforting, cooling effect that makes doing those extra reps a little bit easier.

3. Get some sleep.

The benefits of sleep cannot be overstated! Your body needs to recover and recharge after the hard work you put in everyday. Get the best sleep of your life with the help of Beauty Sleep! This water-based cannabis tincture uses THC, CBD and the supremely restful CBN to help you catch some zzz’s and wake up feeling refreshed.

4. Don't forget to have fun!

Life is about balance. Even though work can be overwhelming at times, it’s important to keep up with the activities that bring you true joy. Make time for hobbies and self care so burnout doesn’t get the best of you. Green Revolution Doozies are the perfect good times companion. These vegan, all-natural cannabis gummies are a customer hit for being both delicious and satisfying.

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