Tinctures: The Most Versatile Way To Consume Cannabis

Tinctures are versatile

Tinctures are a versatile and user-friendly way to customize your cannabis consumption.

What are Tinctures?

Tinctures are typically high-potency herbal extracts capable of being swallowed or consumed sublingually. Many cannabis users use tinctures to consume cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBN in potent concentrations. Generally, these tinctures are either oil-based or water-based.

Relax Water Tincture

The Fast-Acting Effects of Water-Based Tinctures

Water-based tinctures are faster-acting than alternatives, since the body absorbs water quite quickly compared to oil. While traditional tinctures may take 40-45 minutes to feel first effects, water-based tinctures can be felt in as little as 20-25 minutes.

Green Revolution’s water-based tinctures are particularly effective due to the nano emulsification process used to make its water-based tinctures. Through UNET, Green Revolution transforms cannabis oil into miniature, water-soluble molecules. These water-soluble cannabis molecules shift cannabis absorption into high gear, creating consistently quick and controllable effects for the user.

Tincture Beverage Mixer

Drinkable and Mixable: The Versatility of Tinctures

Because water-based tinctures are water soluble, they can either be swallowed alone or mixed in a beverage. Creating cannabis cocktails with water-based tinctures is a fantastic option for people who desire a specific flavor experience or want to flex their creativity behind the bar at home. Making a cannabis cocktail doesn’t even need to be complicated–simply add the tincture to your favorite juice or tea. Similar to the predictable dosing of alcoholic cocktails, cannabis cocktails can be dosed precisely through the dropper that comes with Green Revolution tinctures. This ensures the user experience is controllable, predictable, and enjoyable.

In terms of user versatility, dogs and humans alike can benefit from tinctures. Oftentimes, people forget that dogs can feel stressors like humans do. That’s why Green Revolution created the specially formulated Bella and Max Tincture for dogs who suffer from the all-too-common ailments of anxiety, stress, and pain.

Beauty sleep tincture

What Goes Into Green Revolution Water-Based Tinctures?

As mentioned previously, Green Revolution Water-Based Tinctures are formulated with UNET nanotechnology to deliver fast-acting effects. However, at the cannabinoid level, what guides these effects?

Each Green Revolution tincture is formulated with a distinct combination of cannabinoids. Every Green Revolution tincture available at dispensaries contains some level of THC, which contributes to a sense of euphoria and ease in the user. CBD, another major cannabinoid, is also found in many of Green Revolution’s tinctures. Among a host of non-psychoactive benefits, CBD can contribute to a sense of relief and relaxation in the user. Lastly, Green Revolution’s Beauty Sleep Tincture contains CBN, known as a minor cannabinoid. Lesser known than CBD but highly effective, CBN can induce sleep, which is why it is a great addition to the Beauty Sleep Tincture.

In addition to the type of cannabinoids used, the ratio of those cannabinoids is important to your tincture experience. Green Revolution uses a variety of ratios in its tinctures to modulate the effects of cannabinoids. For example, one of the most popular ratios in cannabis, the 1:1 (equal parts THC and CBD), is conducive to a sense of balance since the effect of CBD mellows the high achieved from THC. Green Revolution’s Balance tincture uses this ratio. Another popular ratio, the 20:1 (20mg CBD for every 1mg THC), is an effective ratio for feeling the effects of calm from CBD with little of the head buzz from THC. This type of ratio is featured in 3 of Green Revolution’s Tinctures: CBD 1000 AM, CBD 1000 PM, and Extra Relief. These 40:1 products create calm yet allow the user to stay highly functional.

Aside from cannabinoids, terpenes also guide the effects of the tinctures. If you’ve read our previous post on terpenes, you may be familiar with the fact that like cannabinoids, different terpenes can create different effects in the end user. Each of Green Revolution’s product experiences: Relief, Chill, Fly, and Elevate come with a unique blend of terpenes to guide the user to their desired experience. For those who want the guided experience of terpenes and non-THC cannabinoids, Green Revolution CBD offers a host of water-based tincture options.

When you use a Green Revolution tincture, you can rest assured that the product you are consuming is clean green certified and meets rigorous testing requirements. Each of our products has been Phase 3 tested up to 4 times before the product hits the shelves. These tests allow us to ensure that each product is consistent in cannabinoid and terpene profile and safe for our customers. Phase 3 testing ensures the product is free from pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, and residuals.

Find the Tinctures for You

Now that you have the full rundown on what tinctures are, how they are made, and their benefits, the next step is to try one for yourself. Click here to find THC-containing Green Revolution Water-Based Tinctures for pickup. Click here to find non-THC Water-Based tinctures on the Green Revolution CBD Website. Or, if you want to learn more about a particular tincture, check out one of the products below.

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