The Many Faces of the Cannabis Consumer

New Cannabis Products for New Consumer Groups

Cannabis FacesEvery consumer in cannabis has their own reason for how they choose to consume. After all, everyone is different. However, the industry has started to see patterns in consumer habits. For one, flower spending is not as dominant as it used to be in many markets as we discuss in our blog article on Cannabis 2.0. 

Beyond that, consumers are looking at cannabis as more than a reason to have a good time–but as an important fixture in their everyday lives. Some consumers use the plant medicinally, some socially, some in small amounts, and some heavily. That’s why Green Revolution makes its products from the starting point of fulfilling what most consumers want. Just as we discover more uses for cannabis, new audiences begin to emerge to take advantage of these novel cannabis applications. Here, we’ll break down some of the types of consumers we see in today’s market.

The Patient: Medical Users

Many consumers still use cannabis to treat a variety of ailments. Those who deal with pain like arthritis often turn to tinctures like Green Revolution’s Water Tinctures. Green Revolution’s Water Tinctures are fast-acting, so they deliver relief to those who need it quickly. In addition, many tinctures like Green Revolution’s use minor cannabinoids that may be useful for those who suffer from ailments like insomnia.

Moreover, tinctures offer precise dosing, unlike flower. Similar to those who take prescriptions, those with medical needs who use tinctures have often dialed in the dose that helps them to treat their condition. Like, cannabis gummies like Doozies have precise dosings and are very palette friendly. That’s why a lot of older medical consumers are starting to also use Doozies, in tandem with the fact that certain Doozies contain minor cannabinoids like CBN.

The Social Butterfly: Social Users

Prior to the widespread adoption of cannabis, the social complement of choice tended to be alcohol. However, then and especially now, consumers are keenly aware of the downsides of alcohol consumption like hangovers. Cannabis doesn’t carry all these same negatives, so it has become a popular consumption choice for those who only tend to consume when in the company of friends. We’ve seen these consumers gravitate toward two categories–drinks and edibles. Drinks are a natural transition for people from alcohol, so it makes sense that the Wildside MAX Shots (small format) and Wildside 12 Oz. drinks (large format) have become increasingly popular.

In addition, many social consumers are moving toward edibles. Unlike drinks, edibles are not something you tend to regularly keep holding onto at a party. However, edibles deliver effects that last most of the night and can also be consumed in a variety of scenarios like a drink. Whether it’s putting a puzzle together with friends at a chill kickback, or a rager that your friend is throwing, edibles are a powerful accompaniment.

The Cannacurious: Cautious Microdosers

There are many microdosers–not everyone wants to get blasted every time they consume cannabis. One of the fastest-growing microdosing segments is the cannacurious. Remember all the questions you had about dosage and effect the first time you tried cannabis? Those of us who just had access to flower had to guess what dosage would get us to a good place–not too high. Now, with the growing recreational markets providing expanded access to people who have never consumed before, these users are looking for safe ways to find their happy place in dosage.

For this reason, many consumers have turned to Doozies Relief gummies in particular as an entry point for cannabis. These gummies come in a 40:1 CBD to THC ratio. This ratio will mostly create a body effect, with very little psychoactivity. Users of these gummies can take 1 gummy and wait to feel the effects safely before proceeding to take another. In this way, these consumers can explore their tolerance without much fear of getting too high.
The Stoner: Heavy Users
Many cannabis consumers fall into the heavy use category. These consumers use cannabis often multiple times a day most days, regardless of most occasions. This type of consumer in the past has traditionally gravitated toward flower and concentrates. Not to say that this type of consumer doesn’t enjoy these categories anymore, but the industry has noticed that total dollars spent by these people has been increasingly shifted toward high-THC cannabis shots.

Wildside MAX in particular is highly efficacious, using a faster-acting nanotechnology to deliver more potent effects with 100mg THC than other shots. Stoners with high tolerances who are used to consuming every day need something potent like this to get to their happy place. On top of this, since the stoner consumer consumes across many different scenarios, the portability and discretion (2oz. size) of Wildside MAX makes it the perfect companion in one’s pocket.

This type of heavy consumer is highly versatile in consumption method, so we’ve also seen this consumer base gravitate to our Doozies gummies and vapes. Like the shots, Doozies gummies and vapes are more portable and discreet consumption methods than smoking flower, which tends to carry a strong smell. Doozies are great because they combine the stoner love for gummies as munchie snacks with potent, fast-acting effects. As for vapes, they are also a highly used option, as they typically contain high concentrations of THC.

Cannabis Consumers Ever-Changing

With more widespread adoption, these consumer personas we’ve outlined may very well change. We’re even starting to see it now. Take, for example, how many cautious microdosers have already graduated to the level of heavy users as they have become more comfortable with cannabis and have reaped its benefits. At Green Revolution, we take understanding what you want as a consumer seriously, because we want to give you the products that will most benefit your life. If you haven’t had a chance to try some of the products listed in this article, browse them by clicking the links below!

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