Take Advantage of Transparency & Earn Rewards on Your Favorite Cannabis Products

Consume with Confidence & Win Swag!

Here at Green Revolution, we have taken our dedication to transparency and safety to the next level with the help of LucidIDs! LucidIDs are here to provide you with full transparency about the cannabis products you have purchased – from all Certification of Analysis files for each product as well as a listing of the terpenes and cannabinoids found in that particular batch, you can finally have confidence in your cannabis. 

No more guesswork or surprises! Consume with confidence knowing that your cannabis is safe. By scanning the LucidID’s located on our products, you gain access to a full report, dosage tracking, and user reviews! 

How to get started:

  1. Scan the LucidID on the Green Revolution product packaging after leaving the retail location. All you need is the camera on your phone!
  2. Create a user profile and sign in.
  3. View COAs, product information and customer reviews all in one place.
  4. Tap “Claim BudTokens” in the blue bar at the top of your screen.
  5. Rack up your points to earn Green Revolution merchandise!

Earn Tokens, Redeem for Free Swag

You’ve scanned the LucidID, now what? After purchasing one of our products and scanning the LucidId, you have now been rewarded with a Bud Token! Congratulations! These tokens are saved in your account and are redeemable for unique Green Revolution gear. 

Redeem your Bud Tokens for a variety of items like Green Revolution tank-tops, t-shirts, hoodies, or save up your tokens for an iPad, Beach Crusier bicycle, and your own Curidor to protect your stash. 

With 4/20 right around the corner, we thought you’d like some help earning more tokens. Starting 4/17 and running through the end of the month, each scan of our Green Revolution LucidIDs will earn you DOUBLE TOKENS!

Download the Lucid Green app to get started!

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