Solace that Travels with You

Washington’s Most Innovative Topical Now in 1oz Travel Size

‘Solace was like using a natural cannabis-infused mild Icy-Hot, but was way more effective!’ – Erin R

Travel Solace is the same amazing Solace formula complete with aloe vera, shea butter, camphor, menthol, argan, vitamin E and full cannabinoid & terpene profiles, in a convenient 1-ounce travel jar. Perfect for taking to the gym, on vacation, keeping at your desk at the office, or gifting to the cannabis non-believer in the family. Solace now travels with you.



Utilizing our ‘Terpenes, Love, Cannabinoids Standardization protocol,’ Solace contains our Relief terpene profile that helps speed up the absorption of cannabinoids and other nutritive and therapeutic ingredients into the skin.

Whether you’re struggling with itchy, dry skin, muscle pain, and soreness, or chronic pain, Solace allows you to continue your active lifestyle unhindered. For those who seek the natural path to recovery, Solace can help you get back to 100%. Go ahead, test your limits – we got you covered.

Green Revolution

Since its inception, Green Revolution has consistently garnered critical acclaim for its exceptional, industry-leading products. Year after year, our offerings have secured top honors at prestigious industry events in Washington and California, including the Seattle Sun Cup, Dope Magazine Awards, and Craft Cannabis Cup. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the cannabis plant holds miraculous potential. Through innovative science and a deep respect for nature, we ensure our products deliver dependable results while championing sustainability.

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