One Company, One Thousand New Trees

Green Revolution Offsets 62,000 lbs of Paper Consumption by Planting Over 1,000 Trees

Green Revolution Environmental Sustainability

Green Revolution's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a trendy buzzword. Every company wants to be known as a sustainable enterprise. But apart from catchphrases and hype, how can you truly measure the success of your sustainability program? Can you produce real results that demonstrate your environmental impact?

As many are aware, Green Revolution advocates for environmentally conscious practices in all aspects of production and packaging. For several years, we have been a Clean Green Certified organization. We have long used eco-friendly ink and sustainable hemp paper as well.

Despite these initiatives, we thought we could do more. After all, every additional action to help the environment makes a tremendous difference. That is why we switched to sustainable, USA-made packaging over a year ago. Recently, we decided to find out just how much of a difference this has made. The results, to be honest, were surprising and thought-provoking.

Green Revolution has just received a Certificate of Reforestation from PrintReleaf for offsetting 62,000 lbs of paper consumption through reforesting 1,059 standard trees in California.

Sustainable Packaging

Green Revolution Sustainable Tincture Packaging

How did we achieve this certification? In partnership with our packaging suppliers and PrintReleaf, we began tracking how many trees were harvested as a result of our new packaging. For every tree harvested as a result of this packaging, we replanted a tree.

We're All in This Together

We as companies and individuals need to honestly examine the environmental impact of our actions. Earth is facing an ecological crisis, and the only way we can reverse this trend is to work together. If one company can reforest one thousand trees, what would happen if every company in the world reforested one thousand trees?

The work of environmental stewardship is never done. Green Revolution maintains its commitment to reforest every tree harvested as a result of our packaging.

Live Positive

Green Revolution Sustainable Packaging

Every action, good or bad, affects this planet and the quality of life for future generations to come.

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