Introducing Fast Tabs Quick-Dissolve Tablets from Green Revolution

Get on the Fast Track to happiness, vitality & feeling remarkable with

Green Revolution’s new Fast Tabs! 

Fast Tabs are precisely formulated for quick onset & consistent experiences.

These tasty, easily-dissolved tablets are terpene-infused and contain full-spectrum oil. And of course, they’re vegan, sugar-free & gluten-free.




Cannabis, the plant that we know to rule the plant kingdom, and the famed “King of Mushrooms”- the Reishi mushroom are formulated equally together with your well being in mind.





Happiest Self

Symbiotic blend of CBD, THC & Organic Matcha. Organic Matcha provides a light natural energy boost, enhanced mood, and is high in antioxidants among other positive things for your well-being.



Remarkable Daytime

Formulated with our “Relief” Cannabis 

Terpene Profile for sustained relief any time of day.

Remarkable Night-time

Formulated with our “Chill” Cannabis Terpene Profile for Indica related sedating body effects.

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