CBN: Sweet Dreams

I suffer from restless leg syndrome and the first time I tried the SLEEP spray tincture I have not had one night of restless leg! I never thought it was possible!! And I go to sleep easily because my mind is calm. Will not ever go without it again!”
– Melody P. 04-07-17

Let’s be honest. How many of us are like Melody? We all want chilled out legs and calm minds. Like her restless leg, people often find it difficult to sleep because their bodies just won’t settle down to sleep. Luckily for her, she tried our Green Revolution Sleep Sublingual spray which utilizes CBN for its relaxing sedative properties.
Plenty of people smoke before bedtime to enjoy the sedative powers of cannabis but the quality of sleep depends on the strain and its cannabinoid and terpene profile. So it’s a bit like having Russian roulette for your sleep prescription. You just might end up with an energetic strain as you try to get some sleep: and that’s going to be you in the kitchen at 4 o’clock in the morning raiding the fridge for munchies instead of getting a good night’s slumber.

THC has been shown to decrease sleep latency, but the real sedative cannabinoid is CBN, or cannabinol. CBN is non-psychoactive and is known for being the most sedative cannabinoid.

These cannabinoids alone are enough to put one to sleep and with other natural sleep aids like chamomile and Valerian root in the mix, it makes for a sure-fire recipe for a relaxing and blissful night of ZZZZs. This proprietary combo gives our Sleep Sublingual Sprays a leg up on other sleep aids.

Green Revolution

Since its inception, Green Revolution has consistently garnered critical acclaim for its exceptional, industry-leading products. Year after year, our offerings have secured top honors at prestigious industry events in Washington and California, including the Seattle Sun Cup, Dope Magazine Awards, and Craft Cannabis Cup. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the cannabis plant holds miraculous potential. Through innovative science and a deep respect for nature, we ensure our products deliver dependable results while championing sustainability.

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