Is CBD right for your pet?

You have heard of people giving their pets CBD for pain, chronic itching, keeping still after surgery and anxiety.  (We see a bump in our tincture sales before Fourth of July to help pets deal with fireworks angst.)  There is no doubt that CBD for pets is going to be HUGE in the coming years.  Just like Cannabis for human medicine, there are few studies supporting it because the federal stance on cannabis has restricted studies.  Though as with human doctors, veterinarians are opening up to the benefits of CBD and cannabis for pets.  People use our water-based tinctures, spray tinctures even topical products for their furry friends every day.   All of these products are pet safe if given in pet-sized doses.

CBD can reduce inflammation and helps with the digestive systems and increases appetite.  Veterinarians prescribe pharmaceuticals like Tramadol which is a narcotic for pain relief.  These pain relievers can reduce activity and even have serious side effects.  The approach we suggest with our water-soluble tinctures is “low and slow”.  Start low as our tinctures are for adults.  Imagine giving 30 milligrams to a 30-pound dog.  Pets are smaller and are sensative to cannabinoids and this will affect them as if it was the first time you smoked cannabis.  Always consult with your Veterinarian before use.

It has always been an honor to help improve peoples lives with our products.  And we are not less humbled by the remarkable feedback that we hear every day from grateful pet owners.

Live Positive,
Green Revolution Family

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