How Cannabis Can Help You Push Harder & Recover Faster in the Gym

Cannabis- particularly CBD- has taken the world of sports by storm. There is a growing number of professional athletes utilizing and endorsing CBD oil, topicals, and other products based on this humble cannabinoid. 

And if we look at the benefits of cannabis, especially full-spectrum cannabis imbued with a host of bolstering terpenes, it’s easy to understand why so many athletes are happy to endorse brands with CBD products.

The Role of Cannabis in a Good Workout

Cannabis can be a good supplement to your workout for many reasons. The psychoactive affects of THC could provide a nice mood boost or help distract your mind or the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD could provide comfort so you feel like you can push for that extra rep or an an extra plate to the bar. By adding a CBD topical or cannabis & caffeine infused shot to your gym bag, you could potentially see an improvement in your gains.

While there are claims that cannabis and CBD products can ease aching and sore muscles, the research isn’t definitive. As mentioned before, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help provide comfort after a particularly tough day at the gym. This can make your post-workout recovery even more effective, so you’ll be less fatigued when it’s time to workout again.

Another key component to muscle recovery is sleep. Sleep is when your body recovers and cells changeover. Cannabinoids have been used to aid with sleep since the beginning. By using a cannabis product- especially one with CBN- before bed, you could get better rest and in turn, better recovery.

Tips for Staying Active While Using Cannabis

When you think of the typical cannabis user, you probably don’t think of athletes. While the “lazy stoner” character exists, more and more people are finding ways to use cannabis in their active lifestyles.

  • Find the right products/strains for you. Some people find a sativa preroll or gummy makes them feel euphoric and motivated to go to the gym while others like to relax and recover with an indica strain or a high-CBD topical.
  • Know when to use cannabis for best results. Cannabis can be useful as a pre or post workout tool. You may want to drink a cannabis beverage before you go to the gym or you might get better sleep when you use it afterward. This may take some trial and error, but it’s worth experimenting (carefully) with the timing of your cannabis use.
  • Start low and go slow. The key to using cannabis for exercise is moderation. Avoid the negative effects of cannabis by starting with a small serving, waiting approximately an hour, then increasing your serving size as needed.

Cannabis Products to Add to Your Gym Bag

If you like a little pre-workout treat, Doozies are for you! These vegan, all-natural fruit chews are infused with 10mg of THC per gummy in a sativa profile to keep you feeling happy while you push through reps.
WildSide MAX Lemon Berry + Energy
Take your workout to the MAX! WildSide MAX is a cannabis-infused shot with 40mg of natural caffeine from green tea. Feel the vibes of 100mg THC with the energy to keep you going.
Solace Comforting Body Cream
Recover and relax with a high-CBD cream. Solace is a customer favorite for its nourishing and relieving properties.
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