Full-Spectrum Cannabis Vaporizers from Green Revolution

We get it, you vape. So do we.

Vape Cartridges Green Revolution

If you’re like us, you don’t vape because it’s “cool”. You vape because it’s:

  • Easy
  • Discreet
  • Potent

And if you’re going to vape, you want a cartridge that is:

  • Terpene-enhanced
  • Pesticide-free
  • 100% ceramic

That’s where Green Revolution comes in. Green Revolution vaporizers make the most of flavor and effect in a ceramic cartridge. Available in classic strains with our expertly curated terpene blends- Ensemble Effect Approved!

Vape Experiences from Green Revolution

Green Revolution Vape Cart Cbd
Our RELIEF experience features classic CBD strains of cannabis. Known for gentle, calm and relieving effects.
Pairs well with:
• A yoga flow
• A coffee break
• A walk in the park
Green Revolution Vape Cart Fly Ca
Our FLY experience features classic sativa strains. Known for uplifting, euphoric, and joyful effects.
Pairs well with:
• A pre-workout stretch
• A night on the town
• A hike
Green Revolution Vape Cart Indica
Our CHILL experience features classic indica strains. Known for relaxing, peaceful and dreamy effects.
Pairs well with:
• A Netflix binge
• Your bedtime routine
• A day off
Green Revolution Vape Cart Hybrid
Our ELEVATE experience features classic hybrid strains. Known for balanced, creative and tranquil effects.
Pairs well with:
• A good book
• Your favorite record
• A day at the beach
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