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Need some relief? Or maybe you’re just looking for that perfect smooth-as-butter, make you feel good kind of moisturizer. You’re in luck because our proprietary blend of terpenes, love, and cannabinoids makes for a custom, unique experience. Our topical cannabis cream provides restorative relief but also give you that moisturizing glow and confidence that you’re using a safe and effective product. It’s a great way to gain the benefits of cannabis without the high. 

Gone are the days of the stinky salves and greenwashed labels – Solace is the real deal, and pleasantly so. Avoiding toxic chemicals and potentially damaging ingredients seems like a no-brainer, but many skin creams can send the most conscious consumer into a rabbit hole of mistrust and confusion. You’re safe here. That’s why we call it Solace.

It’s soothing, it’s healing, and it’s powerful. Put it on your largest organ – your skin. This cosmetic-grade cream is made with nothing but the best. Nutritive ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera work alongside our blend of coconut, argan, and hempseed oil to provide instant relief. Recent research concludes that argan oil is beneficial for skin barrier repair, is anti-inflammatory, and promotes wound healing. Coupled with cannabidiol’s (CBD) benefits for arthritis pain and inflammation relief, this duo is set to take care of some serious business.

Our blend of terpenes, CBD, and natural ingredients ensure maximum nutrient absorption. Soak it in! It’s dreamy. It’s luxurious. It’s safe. And best of all, it’s cannabis.

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