Engineering Experiences: How Green Revolution Products Empower the User Experience

Green Revolution Experiences

Green Revolution products come in 4 experiences.

Green Revolution Experiences

Green Revolution products are created to help you enhance your life with controllable, repeatable experiences. Every Green Revolution product falls into one of four distinct categories to provide a full spectrum of experiences: Fly, Elevate, Chill, and Relief. Each of these experiences is made possible through distinct combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

You may have heard of the entourage effect before. For the unacquainted, the entourage effect refers to the combined effect of cannabinoids and terpenes on the user. Many cannabis companies simply emphasize the use of THC and CBD in their products. However, terpenes are equally as important in achieving nuanced user experiences. In our previous articles on terpenes, we note that different terpenes and terpene combinations produce different associated effects. Therefore, when a company does not use terpenes in their products, the user does not experience the full range of entourage effects.

To understand how Green Revolution engineers its experiences through terpenes and cannabinoids, we have provided a breakdown of each Green Revolution experience below.

Fly Profile

Raspberry Wildside Shots Max

Wildside Shots Max Raspberry uses a Fly experience profile.

How Fly Works

Green Revolution’s Fly profile is uplifting, motivational and euphoric. Fly’s sativa-enhanced, cannabis-derived terpene profile uses the terpene beta-Pinene (among others) to help create this effect. beta-Pinene, commonly associated with piney aromas, is reported by users to create an uplifting and tingly feeling. In addition, the use of THC without CBD in Fly products helps the user feel euphoria in the mind without sedation in the body.

Elevate Profile

Doozies Peach Splash

Doozies Peach 1:1 uses an Elevate experience profile.

How Elevate Works

Green Revolution’s Elevate profile is balanced, creative, and fulfilling. Elevate’s hybrid-enhanced, cannabis-derived terpene profile uses the terpene alpha-Pinene to help create this effect. alpha-Pinene, commonly associated with piney aromas like beta-Pinene, is reported by users to create euphoria, creative inspiration, and body-wide relaxation. Elevate products like Summer Peach 1:1 Doozies contain a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. The THC is conducive to euphoria and creativity, while the CBD mellows the heightened mind state of the user, creating balance.

Chill Profile

Doozies Marionberry Chill

Doozies Marionberry 2:1 uses a Chill experience profile.

How Chill Works

Green Revolution’s Chill profile is relaxing, happy, and sleepy. Chill’s indica-enhanced, cannabis-derived terpene profile uses the terpene alpha-Humulene to create this effect. alpha-Humulene, commonly associated with earthy, woody, and spicy notes, is reported by users to generate mild sedation and anti-inflammatory effects, among others. This mild sedative terpene pairs masterfully with the cannabinoids CBD and CBN found in Chill products, which are also conducive to sedation and sleepiness. And as mentioned previously, the added use of THC promotes a sense of happiness and euphoria.

Relief Profile

Wildside Mango Tropical Storm

Wildside Mango Tropical Storm 20:1 uses a Relief experience profile.

How Relief Works

Green Revolution’s Relief profile is relieving and rejuvenating. Relief’s hybrid-enhanced, cannabis-derived terpene profile uses the terpene Ocimene to help create this effect. Ocimene, commonly associated with sweet and herbaceous notes, is reported by users to possess various therapeutic properties, including being anti-convulsant, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor. This therapeutic terpene combines with high cbd and low thc to promote a sense of mental and bodily wellness with little of the “high” effect associated with THC. 

For those looking to have similar experiences without THC, visit There you can find an array of products combining terpenes and minor cannabinoids to produce tailored effects for everyday use.

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