Elevating Your Experience: The Role of Terpenes in Cannabis

What are terpenes and what do they do?

Terpenes are aromatic and flavorful compounds found in plants- including cannabis. In addition to cannabinoids, terpenes help influence the effect and high associated with particular strains. “Terpenoids share a precursor with phytocannabinoids, and are all flavour and fragrance components common to human diets that have been designated Generally Recognized as Safe by the US Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory agencies.”

Cannabinoids and terpenes work together in synergistic ways. The “Entourage Effect” refers to enhanced effects of cannabinoids and terpenes when used in combination. As always, the effects of cannabis and cannabis products vary on an individual basis. When experimenting with cannabis products to elevate your lifestyle, always take note of how different cannabinoids and terpenes work well together to produce optimal results.

Different Terpenes and Their Properties

Different Terpenes and Their Properties

  • Myrcene
    • Primary terpene in cannabis, up to 65% in some plants, and determines whether the strain is indica (>5% concentration) or sativa
    • Common in mangoes
    • Notes: celery, turpentine, woody, herbs
    • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedating, especially when combined with THC
    • Strains: Skunk XL, White Widow, Special Kush
  • Limonene
    • Second most common terpenoid and the precursor to most monoterpenoids
    • Common in lemons and other citrus fruits
    • Notes: citrusy, sweet
    • Anxiolytic, elevates mood, highly available, rapidly metabolized, and non-toxic
    • Strains: Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Super Lemon Haze
  • Pinene
    • Most common terpenoid in nature, seen in coniferous plants with insect-repellent properties
    • alpha-pinene in pine or beta-pinene in rosemary, dill, and parsley
    • Notes: cool, green hay, pine, spicy, turpentine
    • Anti-inflammatory bronchodilator with antibacterial properties, specifically vs. MRSA
    • Aids in memory https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10933142/ 
    • Strains: Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream
  • Linalool
    • Common in lavender plants
    • Notes: floral, rose, woody
    • Sedating, stress-relieving, heals burns without scarring, with strong local anesthetic effects equivalent to procaine and menthol
    • May modulate GABA pathways in the brain
    • Strains: Special Kush, Amnesia Haze, OG Shark
  • Beta Caryophyllene
    • Most common sesquiterpenoid and most predominant terpenoid in cannabis extracts, especially if processed with heat
    • Common in black pepper
    • Notes: clove, dry, spicy, woody
    • Anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective, anxiolytic
    • Strains: Super Silver Haze, Skywalker, Rock Star

Green Revolution's Terpene-Driven Cannabis Experiences

At Green Revolution, we believe in the power of. full-spectrum, whole-plant extracts to create the highest quality products. The way we see it, experiences with cannabis are like riding in a car. Cannabinoids are the gas and terpenes are the driver who takes you where you want to go. Each of our products are formulated with a blend of terpenes inspired by 1 of 4 classic cannabis phenotypes- FLY/Sativa, CHILL/Indica, ELEVATE/Hybrid, RELIEF/CBD. See below for more information on our cannabis Experiences.

uplifting & euphoric
Our Sativa enhanced cannabis-derived terpene profile is all the inspiration you need to crush your daily goals.

Great for: Outdoor activities, staying productive, feeling at your peak.
tranquil & dreamy
Our Indica enhanced cannabis-derived terpene profile is your new favorite way to kick back and chill after a long day.

Great for: Everyday relaxation, sleeping in, enjoying life a little more.
Green Revolution Vape Cart Hybrid
creative & inspiring
Our hybrid enhanced cannabis-derived terpene profile is your daily one-stop go to for all your motivational needs.

Great for: Staying afloat in the chaos, enjoying a hobby, anything really.
comforting & soothing
Our CBD enhanced cannabis-derived terpene profile is your new best friend called Relief.

Great for: Any occasion, recovery, feeling like yourself again.
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