Drink Your High with DIY Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Rising from the pandemic like a phoenix from the ashes, everyone is starting to take a closer look at the habits they picked up during COVID. The stress and uncertainty took a toll on all of us. Nevertheless, we found our ways of managing. While some adopted hobbies like knitting, painting or sports, others (guilty) may have noticed an increase in their less than healthy coping mechanisms. As the consumption of alcohol increased nearly 15% in 2020, it may be time to consider other options.

Cannabis drinks are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to take the edge off without the hangover or the wear and tear on your liver. From bottles and cans of refreshing infused sodas to energy shots to dry and liquid spirits, there are more ways to drink your high than ever. Ready-made infused drinks are pretty straightforward, but we’re willing to bet you weren’t aware that you could instantly infuse the glass of water on your desk or the cup of coffee in your cup holder with a little bit of CBD or THC.

Cannabis-Infused Beverage Mixers from Green Revolution
At Green Revolution, we’re known for bringing reliable, customized cannabis-powered experiences for our customers. The essence of our brand was built upon our water-based, water-soluble CBD and THC tinctures- which also make excellent beverage mixers- or enhancer or spirit- or whatever you want to call it.

But what makes our beverage mixers different from other dried cannabis spirits and flavor enhancers?
  • Rapid-Onset Nanotechnology

Welcome to the future! No more waiting and wondering when effects are going to kick in. We’ve developed a natural method of minimizing the cannabis oil particles in our water-soluble tinctures for maximum absorption. Thanks to UNET, you’ll feel the effects of our beverage mixers in less than 20 minutes! 

  • Flavorless + Water-Soluble = Endless Possibilities

Your favorite La Croix? You can infuse that. Your pumpkin spice latte? Yep. That too. A glass of warm milk? You can, but why would you? Green Revolution beverage mixers make you the master of your own cannabis destiny. With no bitter cannabis flavor or oily texture, you can enjoy your favorite drinks knowing there’s a little something extra going on in there.

  • Consistent, Reliable Effects for No Let Downs!

When something works, we come back to it again and again. That’s exactly the phenomena occurring with Green Revolution water-based tinctures. With a graduated measuring device and consistent cannabinoid-terpene profiles, customers know exactly what they’re getting in each bottle they purchase. 


Need some infusion inspiration? See below for some of our favorite mocktails and DIY cannabis-infused beverages using Green Revolution water-based beverage mixers.

25mg CBD + 5mg THC
Pumpkin Spice Coffee Concoction
1Tbsp Pumpkin Puree
1p Pumpkin Spice
6oz oat milk
3 shots of espresso
1 cinnamon stick
2 Droppers Reset 5:1 CBD:THC Mixer

Froth your oat milk, pumpkin puree & spice with the force of one thousand men. Leave no prisoners. Pour the espresso shots over ice gently so as if not to startle the ice with the heat. Top with your unsightly colored pumpkin foam, add two droppers of Reset 5:1 CBD:THC and garnish with a cinnamon stick.
Cran-Lime Seltzer Situation (an immersive ASMR experience)
½ can of Lime Essenced Sparkling Water
Splash of Cranberry Juice Cocktail
½ Lime
1 Dropper Journey Sativa THC Mixer

*Turn off the tv and speakers and remove your headphones for best experience.
Sizzle- Hear your seltzer sparkle as hit lands over ice in your glass.
Splash- The pour of the cranberry juice sounds like the ocean right? And looks like a shark attack too. Measure with your heart.
Squirt- Add Journey Sativa THC tincture your lime juice! When you’re done giggling, your mocktail is ready to enjoy!

Looking for new ways to take the edge off? Cannabis-infused mixers give you the power to be as creative or as simple as you like. How are you infusing?

Balance 1:1 CBD:THC
Balance* is the key to perfect harmony. Using the versatile powers of a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, this tincture taps into the Entourage Effect to bring you the comfort, relief and relaxation associated with both cannabinoids.
Reset 5:1 CBD:THC
Reset* provides the relief and comfort of CBD balanced with the effects of THC. With a 5:1 ratio of CBD:THC, you unlock the synergistic powers of the Entourage Effect that support all aspects of your wellbeing.
Beauty Sleep 4:2:1 CBD:THC:CBN
Everyone needs their Beauty Sleep*! A carefully crafted formula of CBD, THC and the supremely restful CBN is your nighttime secret weapon. Rest peacefully and wake up feeling ready to tackle a new day!
Journey 100mg THC
Enjoy the classic euphoric and uplifting effects of a Sativa strain profile in a water-based, water-soluble cannabis tincture.
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