Don’t Worry, Be Happy: CBD and Mood Enhancement

CBD and terpenes can take your mood from zero to hero. The real magic, however, is in the interplay between terpenes and CBD.

There is always new research providing proof for what the anecdotal reports have been saying all along. Research on both animal and human models indicate that terpene supports blood flow to the hippocampus, which is associated with healthy memory association and our emotional responses. 

Let’s be honest, when the blues are near, the emotions take us on a rollercoaster. CBD supports the hippocampus to provide stable emotional responses. The hippocampus is more than just a strange sounding organ. This seahorse-shaped organ is the bedrock for our memories and governs how the brain organizes, forms, and stores new memories. But most prevalent to terpenes, is how the hippocampus can regulate emotions and sensations to scent and memory. 

There has also been plenty of buzz about CBD being a mood stabilizer, its relaxing properties, and how it can soothe anxiety. The cannabinoid has also shown significant promise in strengthening the sleep wake cycles, which go a long way towards combating daytime fatigue.

Do terpenes make you happy?

While CBD has stolen the spotlight, there are other chemical compounds that guide CBD’s effects.

The cannabis plant is abundant in terpenes that focus CBD’s uplifting effects. While a single terpene will have specific effects, these effects will also depend on the terpene profile and the presence of other cannabinoids, as is described by the entourage effect.

CBD certainly is the star of the current cannabis industry, but terpenes are quite literally the entourage that escorts CBD towards centerstage. While all terpenes are noteworthy, the following are particularly influential in creating a peppy state of mind.


Terpinolene is the head of this army and elevates CBD to help uplift and create a more happy experience. 

Linalool is one of the happiest terpenes and is famous for its mood enhancing effects, and it is also anxiolytic. 

Limonene is the ringleader for the citrus scented strains known and loved throughout the community. But aside from its fresh citrus scent, it has stress relieving properties too. 

Alpha-pinene’s very name hints at its scent and is often attributed to the fresh forest pine scent. This terpene, with its sharp hits on the nose, is the school teacher reprimanding your daydreaming mind to stay focused.  Aside from being a sharp shooter for focus, Alpha-pinene helps to trigger a sharp memory and is also a key player in balancing the more adverse effects of THC.

Myrcene can almost always be expected when studying the inherent terpene profiles in hemp flowers. These terpenes are pivotal to the plant’s stress relieving and relaxing attributes. 

Beta-Caryophyllene is myrcene’s non-identical twin in the hemp flower and both these terpenes are common in hemp and have similar effects. Beta-Caryophyllene also exhibits anxiolytic effects. 

All these terpenes have their own set of effects, but the real magic lies in how the terpenes mesh with other chemical compounds, such as the CBD cannabinoid. Terpenes seem to assist the CBD cannabinoid to flourish, and allows us to tap into the cannabinoid’s vast potential. Cannabis flowers will have more dominant cannabinoids and terpenes than others, and the particular ratios and combinations form a symbiosis for targeted effects.

This is where Green Revolution’s TLC (terpenes, love and cannabinoids) standardized profiles come into play. To achieve a targeted transformation, the products are developed using a terpenes, love and cannabinoids methodology. Using a carefully calibrated blend of terpenes and compounds, the Fly range is built to promote a more happy and elevated journey.

To achieve a targeted transformation, the products are developed using a terpenes, love and cannabinoids methodology.

Using a carefully calibrated blend of terpenes and compounds, the Fly range is built to promote a more happy and elevated journey.

The Fly range utilizes the following terpenes to uplift and create a more euphoric experience.
Take a Journey* to your peak moment. Enjoy the classic euphoric and uplifting effects of a Sativa strain profile in a water-based, water-soluble cannabis tincture.

Hydration is serious business. Packed with electrolytes and antioxidants, the Watermelon WildSide is your trusted sidekick for the big hike, the ride through the mountains, or doing a backside180 in an empty swimming pool. With its FLY/Sativa cannabis-terpene profile, Watermelon Wildside is your key to the high life.
Sensationally delicious all-natural, cannabis-infused vegan adult fruit chews. Distinct, bright flavors that taste like real fruit. When it comes to great taste and long-lasting enjoyment, Doozies are in a class all their own.

We all need a little boost from time to time. And whether you need a daily dose to keep the bad mood at bay, or simply a little periodic help for some visiting blues- the Fly CBD range could be the helpful friend that you need. 


Take control and make the most of your experience with products made with strategic and intelligent designers.

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