A New Way of Experiencing Cannabis Drinks in 2022

There’s a new way to customize your favorite beverages and get the benefits of CBD and THC. 

A growing range of mixers made with CBD and THC are becoming increasingly popular as savvy users seek alternative ways to consume these versatile compounds for social occasions, sport routines, and personal well-being rituals.

Whether you’re looking to cut down on smoking or want to enjoy the benefits of CBD and THC without inhaling, cannabis tinctures that can act as mixers are a great option. And, with mixers, precise dosing comes standard, putting you in control of the experience. 

Made with nano technology for maximum bioavailability and accelerated onset of effects, mixers are ready when you are and work at the speed of you.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most effective and versatile CBD and THC mixers on the market.

What are liquid THC and CBD mixers for beverages and how do they work?

Cannabis-infused beverages have become one of the most popular methods for consuming the plant. While there are a variety of high quality ready-made cannabis drinks, water-based cannabis tinctures offer versatility as beverage mixers. Water-based beverage mixers are an evolution of your classic cannabis oil tinctures. A dropper (or two, or three) in your favorite beverage dissolves instantly with no added flavor or texture. This means that virtually any drink could become a cannabis-infused creation in the blink of an eye! Your can of seltzer? You can infuse that. A cup of coffee? That too. 

What are some of the benefits of using liquid THC or CBD mixers in your beverages instead of smoking or vaping cannabis products?

Infusing your own cannabis beverages has become popular not only because it provides endless possibilities, but because it helps to mitigate the negative effects of smoking or inhaling cannabis flower/extracts. Cannabis drinks give your lungs a break while you reap the benefits of cannabis.

How do you choose the right liquid THC or CBD mixer for you, and what are some tips to keep in mind when using them?

When choosing a cannabis beverage mixer, you’ll want to keep your eye out for words like “water-based tincture” and “nano-emulsification”. Water-based tinctures are typically flavorless and don’t add an oily texture to your drink. For best results, we recommend cannabis mixers that use nano-emulsified cannabis extracts for rapid onset and ultimate particle absorption. 

What are some popular brands of liquid THC and CBD mixers for beverages on the market today, and where can you buy them?

The search for the perfect THC or CBD beverage mixer ends with Green Revolution. Green Revolution water-based tinctures are formulated for rapid onset and ultimate absorption thanks to a natural nanoemulsification process. Serving sizes can be personalized thanks to a graduated pipette which means you’re in complete control of your experience.

Cannabis Drink Mixers from Green Revolution

Journey Sativa
A water-based THC mixer created with a blend of sativa strains. Known for uplifting & euphoric effects.
Paradise Indica
A water-based THC mixer created with a blend of indica strains. Known for relaxing & dreamy effects.
Reset 5:1 CBD:THC
A water-based CBD-rich mixer created with a blend of high-CBD strains. Known for comforting & nonintoxicating effects.
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