4 Last Minute Cannabis-Infused Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2022

Make Mom Smile with a Stoney Surprise

Year after year, the stigma surrounding cannabis is fading. Whether your mom is already savvy about the amazing wellness potential of cannabis or you just want to help her dip her toes in the water, there’s a delightful, cannabis-infused treat that will make her day!

There's Something for All Moms!

Is your mom a newbie? Does she like to get creative? Maybe she has a hard time sleeping? Cannabis can enrich your mom’s life in a variety of ways.

Comforting Body Cream
If your mom is open to the idea of cannabis, but wants to start slow, high- CBD topicals are typically a safe place to start. Creams like Solace are nourishing, relieving and effective. Perfect for Mom’s who are just starting out!
Journey Sativa
Become a cannabis mixologist!
If your mom has been known to enjoy a classy cocktail in her day, maybe give her a chance to create her own stoney concoctions with the help of a water-soluble beverage mixer. Control your dose & experience with the pipette.
Juicy Peach 1:1 CBD:THC
vegan, all-natural fruit chews
Is your mom a lover of all things sweet? Then Doozies are for her! Doozies are vegan, all-natural gummies available in high-THC & high-CBD formulas so she can choose her own adventure.
Beauty Sleep
rapid onset, water-based tinctures
Mom’s are our heroes for a reason. Help your mom learn to rest so she can continue to be the rockstar you know her to be. Beauty Sleep is a water-based cannabis tincture that includes cannabinoid CBN, which is known for promoting healthy rest and relaxation.