Using Cannabis to Enhance Your Daily Moments

Using Cannabis to Enhance Your Daily Moments

It’s Your Life, Live Positive.

For many, this time of year has you stuck inside, bundled up (for those in California, 65 is still freezing), and not looking forward to stepping outside for any reason. Yet, we have jobs, resolutions, obligations, and goals that we can’t let slide this early into 2020. At this point in the season, we all need a little extra motivation or a helpful hand in getting up and getting going! With that in mind, we have curated some of our products that are perfect to help you get out of bed, demolish that post-lunch sluggish feeling, and help to ease you back into a restful nights sleep.

Cannabis offers a way to enhance every part of your day. From the first moment, you wake up, to managing that mid-day lull, to winding down and kicking your feet up after a long day at the office, yoga studio, or wherever you spend your day. Take Julie and Sandy for example. Julie is an up and comer in the Seattle PR world and Sandy is a mother of three who owns her own yoga studio. Each have their own routines, but they have made Green Revolution a major part of their day to day. 

Rise and Shine

Julie starts her day with Fast Tabs Happiest Self. Happiest Self is unique because it includes the popular “happy cannabinoid” CBG. CBG is known for its anti-inflammatory, mood-boosting effects. In combination with Matcha, Julie is able to get the energy boost that she needs to start her day, while also benefiting from the 50:1 CBD to THC ratio to help reduce any of the stresses she may face on her way to the office.* 

As a wellness professional and yogi, Sandy has always kept a focus on whole-body health. As she teaches her clients, whole-body health often starts with gut health. To practice what she preaches, Sandy starts her day with the Digestive Health Avocado Oil Tincture. Digestive Health combines non-psychoactive CBD and THCA with avocado oil and herbs to help with proper digestion and overall gut health.* 

Both start their day with CBD dominant products from Green Revolution knowing that they are created to provide them with all of the benefits from the cannabis flower without the psychoactive effects or high to start their morning.

The Morning Coffee Break

Now that the day has officially begun and both Julie and Sandy have had meetings, private fitness sessions are starting to feel that their early morning is taking a toll. Both reach for something to push them through their schedules and get closer to closing time. As Jill runs from client meeting to client meetings, she is able to grab a cup of coffee. Knowing that she is going to keep her resolution, she adds a dropperful of the Positivity Avocado Oil Tincture under her tongue. Powered by a 1:1:1 ratio of CBD, THC, and THCA, and combined with Vitamin C and Tumeric, Positivity is a powerhouse of life-affirming, happy ingredients that help Julie crush her to-do list.

Sandy, on the other hand, has just finished teaching her 10 am hot yoga class and is feeling the heat. Her go-to post-class cannabis topical is Solace.  Made using real eucalyptus and 100mg of CBD, Solace soothes Sandy’s muscles so she can continue with her day unhindered.*

The 2 PM Slow Down

We have all felt the clock slow down around 2 PM. No matter your job or day to day activities, that 2 PM wall is a high wall to climb to reach the end of the day. In Julie’s busy schedule and her resolution to cut out that afternoon shot of caffeine,  she chooses to reach for something that kick starts her creative flow. Adding some Inspiration Water Tincture to her water bottle, Julie harnesses the power of this THC dominant tincture that seamlessly blends into her water without stirring or shaking. Made using the Elevate TLC profile, Julie can get her creative juices flowing with help from this hybrid tincture.

But what about Sandy? After her afternoon meditation, Sandy reaches for her Remarkable AM Fast Tabs. As another option from our CBD TLC profile, Remarkable AM combines herbs and nutrients with a 50:1 CBD to THC ratio to uplift her and elevate her body for her afternoon sessions.

Winding Down After Work

Now that the workday has come to a close, Julie and Sandy return home to relax and decompress after a long day. For Julie, that first step towards releasing the stress of the workday is with a Chill Joystick. Discreet, but designed with the consumer in mind, Joysticks are tipped with kief and Co2 oil helping Julie sit and enjoy the carefully curated strains that make up the Chill pre-roll.

Sandy, however, takes a more subtle approach with Home Baked Indica cooking oil. Home Baked is made with coconut oil and fits Sandy’s gluten-free, vegan lifestyle and combines a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio to elevate her cooking.

Rest Easy

As they both check their schedules for the next day and get ready to crawl into bed, both Julie and Sandy reach for their favorite two Green Revolutions products, Beauty Sleep and the Marionberry CBD Doozies to satiate their sweet tooth. Beauty Sleep offers a specific ratio tailored to help wash away the day’s stresses and worries. Beauty Sleep combines CBD, THC, and CBN to help provide deep, restful sleep amid all of life’s distractions. But before bed, Julie and Sandy both reach for a Marionberry Doozie. These 10 mg adult fruit chews are made with real fruit juice, pectin, and full-spectrum flower in a CBD dominant 5:1 ratio.*

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*This product has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This statement has not been evaluated by the state of Washington. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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