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The holidays are such a stressful and taxing time taking you away from home or inviting those friends and family over for feats and festivities. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we are finally emerging from our turkey slumber, it’s time to start thinking about how to show your love for your partners, family, and friends. 

At Green Revolution, we think about the holidays a bit differently and with that in mind, have created our Green Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift for your friends and family that partake in greener goodies. 

In the spirit of the holidays and knowing that we all have family and friends that are unique, we have curated a selection of Green Revolution products to knock your gift-giving out of the park.

For the Friend or Family Member That is a Bit Extra

1. Water-Based, Water-Soluble Tinctures by Green Revolution

Green Revolution’s water-based, water-soluble tinctures are the perfect stocking stuffer or gift put under the tree. Add it to cider, tea or even your eggnog at your next family get together to fuel your finest holiday moments. 

2. Joysticks

Made with the highest quality terpene-rich flower placed inside hemp-based paper with a biodegradable wood grain high-flow filter, tipped with a touch of pure CO2 oil and kief, Joysticks are the perfect gift for someone who loves a pre-roll but wants something a bit more elevated. Visit our site for more information about these stand out pre-rolls.

For Your Foodie Friends

1. Home Baked

Whether your foodie friends enjoy an Indica or a Sativa, Home Baked allows you to become a cannabis chef in the comfort of your own kitchen! Green Baker’s Home Baked is a fusion of our full-flower, sun-grown, pesticide-free cannabis oil and organic coconut oil.

2. 1:1 CBD: THC Tincture

Have all of the holiday cooking shows created some culinary curiosity? Green Revolution’s 1:1 tincture can be added to any recipe for an infused take on a holiday classic.

By adding a dropperful into your holiday pies, or adding to the glaze for your ham, tinctures are an amazing way to elevate your experience. 

3. Monthly Recipe Inspiration

Created by the editors from MUNCHIES and VIce, Bong Appétit is the perfect cannabis cookbook for your friends and family that fancies themselves as culinary creator. Combining these recipes with Home Baked or any of the Green Revolution Water-based and Avocado Oil tinctures offers the perfect way to bring something new to the holiday festivities. 

Gifts for Those Fitness Enthusiasts in Your Life.

Whether just starting their fitness journey or someone who spends hours a day at the gym, everyone needs a bit of help during the holidays to fend off the food comas and jump-start their resolutions. These gifts will be a welcomed addition to gym bags and routines.

1. Muscle Melt

Muscle Melt Gel from Green Revolution is a fast-acting infused warming lotion in an easy-to-use, no-mess pump jar. This lotion is the perfect addition to any gym bag, travel bag, or backpack. Using our Relief TLC profile, the therapeutic and nutritive ingredients are easily and quickly absorbed into the skin. The gym junky in your family will be thanking you for that perfect solution to help with sore muscles, aches, and pains.

2. Solace

Another offering from Green Revolution’s Relief TLC profiles is Solace, the deep penetrating cream perfect for the runners or yogis looking for a way to ease their recovery.

Made with soothing aloe vera, shea butter, and other therapeutic ingredients, Solace is a powerful combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and nutritive ingredients that provide rapid localized relief for uncomfortable muscles, joints, and skin.

For the Cannasseur

1. Fast Tabs

Looking for something new and out of the box for the daily cannabis user? This holiday season, treat your friends and family to Green Revolution’s Fast Tabs. 

Created using the Terpenes Love Cannabinoid Standardizing Profiles, Fast Tabs are highly bioavailable, absorb quickly, and offer an unrivaled cannabis experience. 

2. Doozies

For those cannaseurs that are more discreet in their consumption, Doozies are the perfect way to fuel their moments. Doozies come in a variety of flavors like Marionberry, Peach, and in each of the TLC profiles. 

Made with real fruit juices, gluten-free, and vegan, Doozies are the perfect gift to elevate each holiday moment. 

3. Tasting Journal

For those decerning cannabis users, Goldleaf has created something truly unique. This tasting journal allows for even the casual smoker to jot down notes, track experiences, and note the favorite aspects of each strain or product they try. 

Find the cannabis tasting journal on Amazon using the link above. Give the gift of exploration to your favorite cannasseur. 

4. Green Baker Greatest Hits

For those daily cannabis users that may want to take a break from flower, Green Revolution has curated our Greatest Hits from the Green Baker. Including a variety of our award-winning edibles is the perfect gift for the cannabis users in your life that love edibles or want to try something new. 

Visit our product pages for a full list of Green Baker Edibles, and to find some truly unique gifts for this holiday season.

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