Setting the Record Straight on Cannabis Myths

Cannabis Fact vs. Fiction

Cannabis Myth

With increasingly widespread adoption of cannabis, we’ve noticed more myths about cannabis floating around. In the spirit of education, we’re here to set the record straight. Here’s 10 cannabis myths that need immediate debunking.

#1: Edibles Need at Least 45 Minutes for Effects to Be Felt

CherryDooziesSure, most edibles require you wait at east 45 minutes to feel the effects. However, Doozies are formulated to be felt in as little as 20-25 minutes due to the UNET nanotechnology used to emulsify the cannabis oil. Through UNET, Green Revolution transforms cannabis oil into miniature, water-soluble molecules. These water-soluble cannabis molecules shift cannabis absorption into high gear, creating consistently quick and controllable effects for the user.

#2: Cannabis Cannot Be Grown Without Pesticides

Pest management is key to any cannabis that is grown and harvested. Pest management can affect cannabis quality and yield, which can also affect the concentrates derived from it. These concentrates are used in most non-flower cannabis products we know. Green Revolution only works with concentrates derived from cannabis that was grown pesticide -free, since residual pesticides can have adverse effects on your health. Still, some form of pest-management is required for most farms, leading to the use of biological controls and other alternatives to pesticides.

#3: There’s 3 Kinds of Weed: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid

SativaCannabis strains have been grouped into 3 broad categories based on lineage and effect. You probably know these categories well. Sativas are generally meant to be more energetic, focused, and uplifting. Indicas tend to be more sedating, relaxing, and sleepy. Hybrids tend to be some combination of the two.  In reality, a better way to group cannabis is by terpene content. Terpenes are largely responsible for the smell, taste, and the nuanced effects you experience from cannabis. By understanding the terpenes in the cannabis plant, you’ll have a better understanding of the experience. Plus, most cannabis nowadays is some form of “hybrid,” so a better way of describing cannabis is needed. 

#4: You Can’t Overdose on Weed

HeadacheWhile it is physically impossible to die from overconsumption of cannabis, that doesn’t mean consumption of cannabis doesn’t have adverse effects. `Anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, and more can happen when you consume too much cannabis. For this reason, it is important to know your limits when consuming cannabis in any form.

#5: Cannabis Will Make You Lazy

Some of the most prolific figures of history are cannabis enthusiasts. Carl Sagan, Snoop Dogg, and Seth Rogen, among others, used or use cannabis frequently to enhance their work. Cannabis alters perception, which makes it a productive tool for those following creative pursuits.

#6: Holding Your Breath When You Take a Hit Will Intensify the High

VaporizingNo evidence suggests that holding your breath for a long time after taking a hit intensifies the high effect you experience. Numerous studies debunk this myth, despite its widespread proliferation. Your lungs instantly absorb the cannabinoids after inhalation, so when you hit a Green Revolution vape, a quick inhale and exhale will suffice.

#7: Cannabis is a Gateway Drug

Hemp LeavesWhen you were growing up in school, you might have been told in some large auditorium by people in D.A.R.E. shirts that cannabis is a gateway drug. This is patently false. A report by the Institute of Medicine found no causal link between the effects of cannabis and the use of other substances. True, those who use cannabis are statistically more likely to use other drugs. However, that may very well be because the same factors that incline people to consume cannabis may also predispose them to seek other substances. Either way, you can’t say something is true without proper evidence.

#8: Cannabis Fries Your Brain Cells

Brain CellNo conclusive evidence exists that suggests cannabis kills your brain cells. However, there is preliminary evidence that suggests prolonged use in still-forming adolescent brains can adversely affect cognitive function. Either way, this myth shouldn’t be proliferated if not proven true.

#9: Cannabis Causes More People to Become Criminals

Numerous studies, including those commissioned by the White House and Justice departments have determined no causality between cannabis legality and increased crime. In fact, other studies have generated evidence that marijuana use and legalization may lead to less violent forms of crime. After experiencing cannabis firsthand, it’s easy to see why.

#10: THC is All You Need to Feel the Effects of Cannabis

THC CannabinoidWhile THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, you cannot achieve a more nuanced experience or high without additional cannabinoids and terpenes. That’s why Green Revolution’s 4 experiences: Fly, Elevate, Chill, and Relief use cannabinoids and terpenes to create tailored experiences to complement your everyday life.

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