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Feel great from the outside, in. Green Revolution cannabis topicals are formulated for quick onset and increased bioavailability to keep you running at the top of your game.

WhatWhat are Green Revolution topicals?

Green Revolution cannabis topicals are a premium range of cannabis products specifically formulated for direct skin applications. Our topical range addressed a broad range of needs and lifestyles, from the sports enthusiast to the self-care enthusiast. Each topical is designed with the user in mind, and specifically designed for increased bioavailability and a quick onset of effects.

HowHow to use topicals?

Green Revolution Topicals are created with increased bioavailability. This helps the topicals to pass through the skin and reach the targeted area faster. Using these topicals are easy- simply apply the cream or salve directly onto the skin, and feel the wellness begin to seep within!

Apply the topicals whenever you feel the need for relief, or even in need of a bit of self-care. The cooling sports topical should be applied and gently rubbed when relief is needed. All the topicals have been designed to support the skin’s wellness and provide relief. Our topicals are absorbed directly through the skin and not only do they support the skin on the outside, but help to support muscles and promote wellness on the inside too.

WhyWhy use cannabis topicals?

Each topical has unique benefits to match different needs. The warming sports cream is ideal for tired and inflamed muscles. The cannabis derived lubricant is a perfect addition for pleasure. The deep penetrating CBD cream is designed to support ultimate muscle and joint health and wellness while After Sun cream combines cannabinoids, terpenes and healthful ingredients like aloe vera and Shea butter to accelerate relief and restore damaged skin.


Green Revolution's Cannabis Salve

What are cannabis topicals?

Cannabis topicals are formulated creams, lotions, balms, sprays, or even oils. They refer to a cannabis derived product that is applied directly onto the skin. Cannabis topicals are used for a variety of purposes, including muscle and joint relief, pain relief, and general skin health.

Whether you want an all-in-one cream or a beauty balm, you’ll find it here at Green Revolution.

Start feeling great today – from the outside in. By using natural nano emulsification technology, Green Revolution cannabis topicals are designed to provide a rapid onset and heightened bioavailability – helping you find relief faster and stay on top of your game longer.

Find Rapid Relief with Green Revolution’s Topicals

Our topicals are designed to permeate the skin and provide rapid relief. These topicals are designed to relieve, reset, and rejuvenate. The cannabis-derived terpene profiles found in the Relief range are perfect for any occasion, including recovery.

Water-Based Intimate Lubricant with Vibrating Applicator

Use this intimate lubricant to ramp up your foreplay. Formulated with the RELIEF TLC Profile and a vibrating applicator, feeling your best in the bedroom just got easy.

Infused Warming Lotion

Muscle Melt
This cannabis derived gel is designed for rapid and targeted relief. The gel is an infused warming lotion that comes in a handy no-mess no-fuss pump jar. The RELIEF TLC Profile is designed to increase the body’s bioavailability to get the most out of the supportive benefits of cannabinoid, terpenes, and other therapeutic ingredients.

Deep Penetrating Feel Good Topical

100:1 CBD:THC

This deep penetrating travel sized topical helps you take your wellness on-the-go. The innovative topical is created with a host of skins soothing ingredients:
– Aloe vera
– Shea butter
– Argan oil
– Coconut oil
– Hemp seed oil

The Solace topical is a powerhouse of active ingredients, including terpenes and cannabinoids. The cream is designed to provide rapid and localized relief to targeted areas.
Use this cream for overall skin health, muscle pain, and joint pain.

Comforting Body Cream


Another Solace topical, this cream contains a revolutionary formulation of cannabinoids and terpenes. The 5:1 CBD:CBN ratio in combination with terpenes and THC ensures you benefit from the full range of the plant’s active ingredients. The CBN cannabinoid helps relieve pain and inflammation associated with diseases such as Crohn’s and arthritis. CBN also works as an immune system regulator- which is why it is proving to be a popular cannabinoid for study into autoimmune disorders.

This Solace product is great to moisturize skin thanks to hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and argan oil ingredients. While the THC, CBN, and CBD penetrate deep into the skin- use this topical as a supportive pre-workout or to work out stiffness and help alleviate chronic pain.

All of Green Revolution’s topicals utilize nanotechnology to deliver increased bioavailability, helping you to get the most out of each application. Take control of your health and wellness with Green Revolution’s topicals today.

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